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HR Tech World takeaways: employer branding tools and international hiring tips


Cristina Garlington (@CrisGarlington) October 28, 2015. John Vlastelica (@vlastelica) October 28, 2015. Workable (@Workable) October 28, 2015. Workable (@Workable) October 28, 2015. Andy Headworth (@andyheadworth) October 28, 2015. Nice example of an international #onboarding process from @GoodGameStudios. Workable (@Workable) October 28, 2015. Bas Westland (@basw) October 28, 2015. "If

Real World Lessons in Pay Transparency

Compensation Cafe

She's CEO and co-founder of Tilde, a small open-source training and consulting startup. In fact, one of the benefits of pay transparency is that you aren't tempted to give prospects a windfall offer just to get them onboard, in Leah's experience. Something great happened last week.

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Seasonal hiring survival kit for employers


Sort out the details of work eligibility, benefits, wages, shift scheduling, onboarding, training etc. Even if you’re not using Workable to run background checks, this resource is full of basic info why you need to do background checks and how they work. Training tip: Free up some time to get other things done by training all new staff at the same time, or in batches.

Project Management Best Practices For Virtual Professional Services Teams


Pullan points out that in a 2015 survey she conducted among project managers from around the world, the same challenges arose: Engaging remote participants (76% of the respondents). Find workable solutions to time zone differences. Improve training to ease new technology adoption.

“Counteroffers work!” …and other lies about Employee Turnover


A 2015 survey by Glassdoor actually found that 80% of employees would prefer a better benefits package instead. Businesses that don’t have the resources in-house to create a workable retention plan may be able to turn to an HR outsourcing firm for assistance. “For CreditSuisse estimates that it saved $75 million to $100 million in rehiring and training costs,” reports Harvard Business Review.

The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


Workable. Onboard IQ. Onboarding — The employee then needs to join the employee workflow (to get paid, trained, reviewed, etc.). A common question I get asked is: “What are the top applicant tracking systems I should consider using?”