Sat.Mar 30, 2024

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How to Accommodate Pregnant Employees per the PWFA


In June of 2023, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) went into effect, providing rights for employees who have limitations due to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions. Per the law, all employers with 15+ employees are required to provide reasonable accommodations to eligible workers, absent undue hardship.

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Corporate Etiquette 101: How to Write a Professional Email

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Stepping into the corporate world is always an unnerving experience, and one of the most immediate skills you’re expected to pick up is how to write a professional email. If you think this involves saying “Ma’am” every chance you get and signing off every email with your name and designation in case the receiver forgot who you were, then you’d be right in making that assumption.

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Multi-Benefit Cards to Enhance Employee Benefits in 2024


In today's rapidly evolving workplace landscape, employers are continually seeking innovative ways to provide comprehensive benefits that meet their employees' diverse needs. One such solution gaining traction is the multi-benefit card, a versatile tool designed to streamline and enhance the employee benefits experience. What is a multi-benefit card?