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Should You Expect Candidate Data with Your Next Recruiting Technology Purchase?


During the discussion, I had an “aha” moment when I saw one of their competitive positioning elements: offering not just an applicant tracking system, but an ATS paired with access to 700 million candidate profiles. They have some impressive enterprise and RPO/staffing client wins.

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‘Tis the Season: A Guide to Seasonal Recruiting

Netchex HR Blog

Plan ahead for staffing needs Advanced planning improves your odds of a successful round of seasonal hires. Estimate how many seasonal employees you will need and start recruiting early. Reply to applications and schedule interviews quickly. How long has it been since yours were edited and updated?


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Everything You Need To Know About High-Volume Hiring

HR Lineup

High-volume hiring, also known as mass hiring or bulk recruitment, refers to the process of hiring a large number of employees within a relatively short period. Diverse Roles: Positions may range from entry-level to specialized roles, requiring different recruitment strategies. GDPR, CCPA) is a significant challenge.

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15 Things That Every Recruitment Firm Should Automate

Hire Talent

This article will explore the three main categories that recruiting firms should consider automating: marketing, sales, and recruitment. Marketing Automation Marketing automation uses software and technology to automate repetitive marketing tasks and workflows.

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5 trends revolutionizing the talent acquisition space


In a Wednesday HR Tech Conference session titled “ The State of Talent Acquisition Technology: The ATS Is Not Enough,” Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, said the talent acquisition market is rapidly growing and adapting to the new reality. We found 16% of organizations have a dedicated role for recruitment marketing manager.

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8 Steps for Starting a Recruitment Agency in India


India’s recruitment industry has tremendous growth potential with many opportunities for recruiters to facilitate smoother connections between job seekers and the country’s employers. As Lohit Bhatia, president of the Indian Staffing Federation noted in a report, “the staffing industry ended the FY 2021 with a modest 3.6%

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Best recruitment software for small businesses


For owners of a growing operation, the need to find recruitment software for your small business to help you with your hiring should be a cause for celebration. And in a competitive labor market , you want to do the recruitment process right — which means getting in front of the right talent pool and marketing yourself well.