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Between Man and Machine: How People Analytics Powers Workplace Transformation

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

As advances in artificial intelligence, software robotics, machine learning, and innovative technology platforms enable businesses to redefine processes, organizations have significant opportunity for performance and efficiency improvements. People analytics evolved from Workforce Analytics, which focused on repetitive work production in business process outsourcing and call centers. And the results can reveal many areas of productivity (i.e.

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PEO: The Ultimate Guide (Everything You Need To Know)

Genesis HR Solutions

If you are a small to midsize business or nonprofit organization and you’ve never heard of a PEO, keep reading—you’ll be surprised to learn how partnering with a PEO can make your company more attractive to employees, and even help grow your company’s bottom line. Choosing between PEOs and other HR outsourcing alternatives. Payroll processing and tax compliance. Human resources policies and practices. Want to grow your business?


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Outsourcing your talent: when, how, and especially, why


Outsourcing is often frowned upon in the United States because of the stigmas surrounding manufacturing plants in China or call centers in India. Furthermore, many are concerned that outsourcing leads to loss of quality and operational control. How do you get started with outsourcing?

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Karin Hurt: “Respond with Regard”

Thrive Global

Recently named on Inc’s list of Most Innovative Leadership Speakers, Karin, along with her partner, work with leaders around the world who want to achieve breakthrough results and build highly innovative, courageous cultures. even without a lot of resources?—?BPOs Respond with Regard.

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Is it time to outsource?


There comes a time in the life of a growing business when certain functions begin to distract owners and management from their core business activities. How do you know when it’s time to outsource? High turnover can place a financial strain on your business.

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Key Practices in Talent Supply Chain Management

Brandon Hall

For those of you who aren’t familiar with KellyOCG beyond general brand recognition, it’s the outsourcing and consulting branch of Kelly Services – a longtime provider of staffing services for temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire talent. While there are several things that contribute to success in talent supply chain management, KellyOCG has targeted three things in particular: Diverse Sourcing Strategies and Staffing Models. Effective Workforce Planning and Analytics.