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Top 7 HR trends in 2017 to watch out for


2017 is officially up and running, and analysts and business management globally are determining priorities for the coming 12 months and beyond. It’s a time to look at trends and changes, to review successes and failures from the year past – and a time to make plans.



One of the biggest undertakings in HR is recruitment. What will the next HR trends for 2018? Candidate experience is closely related to employer branding. Want To Hear About More HR Trends 2018 – Subscribe To Our Newsletter Today.

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6 Skills Every HR Technology Leader Must Develop Starting in 2017


The disruption to how we work has been just as profound, and it has led to changes in the very nature of work and the skills that the HR Technology Leader of the future will need. These are the six skills HR technology leaders must develop today in order to succeed in the future: 1.

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10 Steps to Rolling Out Core Values at a Small Business

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Moreover, not having any recognized values relieves any obligation for an employer to deal with employees who would not live up to a set of corporate values. It’s just not possible when conditions aren’t in place to align a workforce with the principles that an employer holds sacred.

6 Learning Benefit Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank in 2017

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Gaining new knowledge to broaden our perspective is a great place to start when considering little habits with potentially big impact in 2017. Make accessible learning resources a priority for your workforce in 2017. It’s the end of the year once again.

7 HR Trends and Ideas to Implement This Year


Every day we learn about innovations and trends that directly affect our lives, and the workplace isn’t exempt from those frequent changes that cause us to continually adapt the way we work. In this article, we’ll review seven important HR trends for 2020 that you can leverage.

How to Effortlessly Use Texting to Hire Hourly Workers

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In fact, according to research done by Hitwise , the average device split for searches was 72% for mobile and 28% for desktop in 2017. Today, the name of the hiring game is speed, and this is painfully realized in industries that employ a large number of hourly, non-exempt workers.

Understand Important HR Trends in 5 Minutes


If you missed Paycor’s Fall HR and Compliance Web Summit, we’ve got you covered. What CEOs wish HR would do. What keeps HR pros up at night? With unemployment numbers at a record low, HR pros are facing an uphill battle to attract and hire qualified candidates.

Talent and HR News Weekly Update: 2017 workplace trends


We hope 2017 is off to great start for you and your team! As you continue to look ahead and plan for success, here are five articles curated to help you consider current workplace, HR and recruiting trends. Berrin, 32, sees 2017 as the year when her generation gets more of what they want in the workplace: “The traditional 9 to 5 is not at all appealing to millennials, especially with technology moving faster than anyone can grasp. 2) What HR in 2017 Will Look Like?

Human Resources Today: Interview with Joanne McDonagh 2017 MVP Awards Winner


Joanne McDonagh, blogger at Rezoomo, won First Place in the Talent Acquisition Category of Human Resources Today’s 2017 MVP Awards. Being able to provide HR professionals with knowledgeable content that will assist them in their roles.

Why millennial job-hopping shouldn’t be a warning sign for recruiters


These hires adjust well to new environments, so they’re more likely to be on-boarded quickly. LGBTQ rights, remote work and workplace wellness.). You can also focus on building your employer brand. Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer.

Why HR Is The New Marketing


Is HR the new marketing? HR has been forced to adopt strategies that look, well, very much like marketing. These effective companies are actually activating employees as a new marketing channel to achieve both HR and marketing objectives. Content marketing and HR.

Rezoomos Recruitment Predictions For 2018


Well, 2018 is fast approaching and there are a plethora of recruitment trend predictions floating around for the upcoming year. Some trends will carry on from 2017 including the automation of recruitment and data analytics. – 2018 trends workplace wellbeing . #3

The Perfect Fit: Company Culture and Hiring Likeminded Candidates Increases Retention Rates


Employee retention has been a problem facing employers for centuries. HR managers agree that replacing an employee costs at least half of that employee’s annual earnings. Benefits of a Well-defined, Shared Culture.

Employee morale is a year-round priority


Q1 is over, taking ‘ high turnover January ’ with it, and business is doing well. In response to statistics like this, known to many HR and internal communications professionals, employers are continually looking for new and proven ways to keep employees engaged, motivated and happy.

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Get Ready for 2019

HRO Today

HR experts share six trends that will shape the industry in the coming year. The past year in HR has been marked by developments in smart technologies, key shifts in workplace management practices, and the rise of alternative forms of work.

Got Culture?

China Gorman

I’ve been quoted frequently as saying that “strong, positive cultures improve everything we measure that we want to go up, as well as reducing everything we measure that we want to go down.” Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report is out. It’s a lot of information (214 pages!).

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7 Unexpected Employee Performance Management Trends To Watch For In 2019


Increasingly, companies realize that to succeed, they must create an employee-centric culture and employ the latest performance trends, because they are able to hire, retain and develop employees. Without talented and dedicated people, a business is little more than a great idea.

Talent and HR News Weekly Update: Employee Recognition Trends


1) Trends in Employee Recognition from HR Trend Institute Employee recognition programs, once considered a “nice” but non-essential component of human resources, have changed dramatically over the past five years. What trends have emerged in the recent past and what do they tell us about how employee recognition programs will be defined in 2017 and beyond? It may surprise some that money isn’t the most effective recognition of a job well done.

5 Powerful Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Trends for 2016


This blog is part of a 2016 Trends Series. Click here for my HR Tech 2016 Trends. . I mentioned in my HR Tech Trends piece the market is booming. It’s crazy the number of conversations I’ve had with HR and recruiting practitioners I’ve spoken to in Q4 are telling me their staffing goals and headcount numbers are on the rise in this quarter and even more so in Q1 of 2016. It’s a good time to be in recruiting and HR.