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4 Key Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System for SMBs


Luckily, an applicant tracking system (and the recruiting services offered by some PEOs) can help SMBs remain productive, cost-efficient, and fully staffed. There are many benefits of an applicant tracking system for recruiting teams and entire organizations, but four stand out from the rest: 1.

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HR’s essential guide to using an applicant tracking system: best practices and insights


Enhance your recruitment process with these best practice guidelines and expert insights for making better use of your applicant tracking system (ATS) The majority of UK organisations — as many as three-fifths — conduct recruitment and hiring in-house for myriad reasons.


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How does an ATS help in Enhancing Your Employer Branding?

Hire Talent

Consequently, organizations have grown increasingly attentive to the significance of their employer brand. The increased use of social media in online recruitment and business has effectively unveiled the inner workings of companies as employers, shifting the focus from merely being consumer brands.

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Everything You Need To Know About High-Volume Hiring

HR Lineup

This approach is common in industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and customer service, particularly during peak seasons, large-scale expansions, or when launching new projects. It helps manage large volumes of applications efficiently. Referral programs with incentives can boost participation.

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Social Media and Employer Brand Awareness


Companies are vying for customers to buy their products and services along with competing fervently for key talent. An employer must communicate its culture and commitment to prospective employees and customers through authentic demonstration of its employer brand. This helps manage posts and effectiveness.

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To Succeed at Talent Acquisition, Go Beyond Your Applicant Tracking System


The average cost of a poor hiring decision can equal 30% of the individual’s first-year potential earnings — not just from the turnover, but also lower productivity, a damaged employer brand, lower employee engagement, and higher manager time spent on mitigating underperformance. It can’t: Help you fix hiring bottlenecks.

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Can an ATS Really Help You Find Your Next Candidate?


That perfect storm is why businesses are paying close attention to concepts like candidate experience and their employer brand. But now that we’re finally thinking about the humanity behind our human capital, where does that leave our use of applicant tracking systems?