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Company culture problems: How unhappy employees affect your customers


We’ve all encountered a business for the first time and formed an immediate impression of its culture. They even represent your company in their off-hours when attending their children’s ball games or church. If your organization has created a culture of fear and lack of empowerment, your employees will be significantly less likely to refer qualified talent to the company. Stay five times longer in their jobs. Take 10 times less sick leave. Change takes time.

Cafe Classic: Unions, Recognition and Employee Engagement

Compensation Cafe

Consider these statistics from the Gallup report reference above: 38% of union employees are engaged. Union workgroups are at the 39th percentile in Gallup's global employee engagement database and have, on average, 6% lower productivity compared to the median.

A Different Kind of Diversity #WorkHuman

Women of HR

Plain and simple, diversity makes our workplaces better, serving as a catalyst for different types of thinking, ways to approach problems, and perspectives/frames of reference. I classify myself as an “extroverted introvert” – I do enjoy being around people, but I appreciate my alone time just as much. I work in a pretty “chatty” environment that makes it hard to concentrate at times, and the walls certainly help. Diversity in the workplace.