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Jason Averbook: Creating a digital mindset for a new decade of work


If we’re going to draw a parallel, New Year’s resolutions feel kind of like performance reviews of old: We look in the rearview mirror at past performance, decide what we don’t like and throw an ambitious stake in the ground for future performance.

10 HR podcasts you should be listening to


HR media outlets and thought leaders are jumping on the bandwagon, too, offering everything from generalist magazine-style shows to in-depth explorations of specific topics. By: People Management magazine. By: Training Journal magazine. By: Changeboard magazine.

Why Employee Experience Should Be A Priority For Every Business Leader


eventually turning into an interest in engagement (how can we make employees happy so they perform better?) There should be initiatives, feedback opportunities, and measurement at every single milestone , including: recruitment, hiring, onboarding, performance, learning, and departure.

Cafe Classic: Implementation. and Why Action Must Follow Ideas If You Actually Want Something to Happen

Compensation Cafe

We plan alignment of objectives, behaviors and performance with that strategy. Objectives that employees should be developing to link with corporate performance. I'll be talking about communications and I'll be talking about change management, too.

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Don’t lose the humanity in human resources and technology


Can be a distraction to getting work done Can deprive employees of opportunities to form more meaningful professional connections that can lead to mentoring relationships and further career development Can apply pressure upon people to never unplug, and to respond instantaneously to matters that aren’t urgent. Business owners and managers often under-invest in HR. Leadership and managementHuman resources and technology are now forever linked.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #238: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

Air Date: October 10, 2019. Stacey and John host finish off their annual wrap-up of The 2019 HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas. HR Tech 2019: PILOT coaching platform wins Pitchfest Link ». meQuilibrium Launches New Cognitive Performance Module Link ».

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