Key characteristics of a Cyber Security Specialist


Get a 360° view here of the key characteristics you need in a Cyber Security Specialist. We have a passion for specialists and we’ve narrowed down the key characteristics you’ll need in your next Cyber Security Specialist. Cyber-sec heavy-hitters think like hackers.

3 Ways to Create a Cyber Security Culture in Your Workplace


As hackers launch cyber-terrorist attacks against businesses of all sizes, everyone from the customer to the CEO is concerned for the safety of their information. The solution isn’t just to create stronger security for your network.

Payroll, Data and Cyber Security: Be Aware of the Risks

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Large organizations often employ sophisticated software designed to avoid security issues, and they may even have a department dedicated to reducing risks. As a company, they may not have the same focus on cyber security as do their larger counterparts.

Are Banks Taking Chances With Cyber Security?

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Every business is at risk of a cyber attack every day. The reasons may seem obvious, but besides the “money” aspect, banks are also attractive to cyber criminals for the following reasons: Their biggest assets are mainly electronic. Cyber security is no longer just the CIO’s domain.

There’s Not a Skills Gap in the U.S… or Is There?

According to the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce. 14 TECHNOLOGY / 11 / The current estimate of open cyber security positions in the. million unfilled cyber security jobs. number of cyber threats as well as a long-running lack of training.

Deccan Chronicle: Health care in trouble as cyber security threat grows

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GovTech Works: New Framework Defines Cyber Security Workforce Needs

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New Information And Perspectives On Cyber Security

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The world continues to buzz about cyber security (or, perhaps we should say, insecurity). In the Target case, reports say that the security monitoring service detected suspicious activity but the company did not respond. COSO in the cyber age.

CalChamber Co-Sponsoring Cyber Security Education in Sacramento????


? ?Consumers and businesses can learn about adding layers of security to everyday online activities at a January 29 event in Sacramento co-sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce. Two Steps Ahead: Protect Your Digital Life,” hosted by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Google, will feature presentations from the FBI, the Attorney General’s office, the Federal Trade Commission and NCSA. Kristin Judge, program lead, National Cyber Security Alliance.

7 Questions CFOs Should Ask Themselves About Cyber Security

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CFOs in the banking industry often struggle with the decision of how much money to allocate to cyber security, and their choice often leaves key assets vulnerable. What is my organization’s current exposure to cyber risk?

Why aren’t you training your employees on cyber security?

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A recent cyber-security survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Experian has some startling results for employers. 55 percent suffered a security incident or data breach because of a malicious or negligent employee. Cyber Security

Take a gander at my recent cyber security webinar

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The topic du jour — cyber security. Below is a video of a webinar I conducted last week, entitled, Everything Homebuilders Need to Know About Cyber Security in 30ish Minutes (but are afraid to ask). Cyber SecurityToday I thought I try something different.

The 10 essential cyber security training issues for your employees

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Do you know what the biggest threat is to your company’s cyber security? Cyber attacks target the weakest link, and more often than not that weak is your employees. Even the best and most up-to-date security software will miss some viruses and malware. Cyber Security

Cyber Security Drivers: Security Information Overload

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Thus far in this series we have covered how the Internet of Things (IoT), the information security talent shortage and the emerging threat landscape will impact security operations management over the next several years. Cyber Security Drivers Part II: The Talent Shortage.

4 Ways HR Can Help Build a Cyber-Secure Culture


As this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness month draws to a close, and while you finish cleaning up all the mess from your cyber party celebrations, we wanted to help you answer one question: How can HR buddy up with IT to foster a “security culture” in the workplace? Turns out, there’s a bunch for HR to think about when it comes to securing workplace technology, and it goes farther than just onboarding employees with the right tech.

Creating a Cyber Security Culture in Your Business


Every business with a website, processes credit cards, or conducts other interfaces on the Internet faces the threat of a cyber attack. Effective data security must become a part of the workplace culture

The best argument you’ll hear on why you must train your employees on cyber security

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This fake Apple ad , from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, is the best argument you will hear on why training your employees on cyber security is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your business in 2016. Cyber Security

Cyber Security and a Secure Business: What You Need to Know


How safe and secure is your business? Do you have a cyber security plan in place? Learn why cyber security is important, what some potential threats are, and what steps you can take to fortify the digital side of your business

Cyber Security: the 5 Best Practices to Protect Your Company’s Proprietary Information

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This is why cyber security is so important, as it helps protect your company’s information. This simple step can be one of the keys to cyber security prevention. Thus, making sure that your website is secure by hosting over HTTPS is very critical to ensuring your company’s safety. Make sure your entire website is hosted over HTTPS as well, as some hackers will try to gain access by any part of your website that is not secure. Secure Password.

How Your Business Might Be Putting Its Cyber Security at Risk

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In today’s tech-heavy world, business security has changed drastically. Here are four ways you could be putting your company’s computer security at risk without even realizing it. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with WordPress from a cyber-security perspective, but many of the plugins that are developed for it are not as secure as the platform itself. Cyber-security is an unavoidable element of modern business.

Cyber Security Recruitment: RPO Helps Bridge the Skills Gap

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While we’re reaping the benefits of instantaneous sync and faster access to data, information security has become a more complicated area that brings many advantages but also opens up more concerns. It has become drastically more prominent recently, with high-profile instances of hacking that have resulted in security breaches , identity theft , email spam and phishing scams , shutting down websites for ransom , and many others.

5 Tips for Developing an Effective Small Business Cyber Security Strategy


Are you neglecting a small business cyber security strategy or relying on outdated software to protect your business data? Start to secure your data with these tips The information needed to operate your business and protect your customers can be at risk.

Part II: How HR Executives Can Prevent Cyber Hacking

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No doubt that it has brought numerous benefits, but at same the time it has increased the threats to cyber security. As the important information related to any organization is stored online, the cases of security breaches are […].

Blog Roundup: Our Analysts’ Take on the Latest Tech News

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An insightful article for opines that Blockchain offers both enhanced security and the capacity to handle high-volume influx of data at any given time. The value of distributed ledger technology allows for: Enhanced security: Blockchain is “virtually un-hackable”. Information Security. Mitigating IoT Cyber Risks: Training is the First Step. Our own IT Security expert Derek Brink has a slightly different view.

IRS, FBI Warn of W-2 Phishing Scam


In these emails, the fraudsters request copies of employee Forms W-2 or ask for a list of all employees and Social Security numbers (SSNs). General cyber security Form W2 phishingA dangerous Form W-2 phishing scam is making the rounds this tax season.

How Blockchain Technologies Can Impact Human Resources


Security: Blockchain technologies offer benefits in high-volume financial transactions and maintenance of a wealth of sensitive personal data, areas HR is heavily involved in. Blockchain technologies are already impacting companies’ digital transformation journeys.

Scary and Frightening: The #ELBC Carnival for October

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Speaking of the digital world the arena of cyber security can be a scary realm. The group of our employees who were, not all that long ago, dressed in costumes and trick-or-treating, Millennials, pose a scary challenge in cyber security.

Is Remote Work Really the Future?

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Employee Engagement Recruiting Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Web Conferencing Cyber Security SecurityThere seems to be consensus among experts that the offices of the future will be employees’ homes and the coffee shops surrounding them rather than traditional offices.

Things To Consider When Joining An Online Casino

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Lifestyle Technology casinos cyber security entertainmnet fun games gaming Internet Security online online casino online gaming business online securityOnline casinos are becoming more and more popular. When you’re about to join an online casino, there are few things you might to consider. Online gambling is indeed a good form of entertainment, but it is always better to make a good choice, so that you do not get any bad experiences.

The Florentine Deception Review & Author Interview

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Technology Amazon Book Book Review books cyber security cyber thriller tech technologyA seemingly mundane computer cleanup leads to an electrifying quest for – an enigmatic and deadly – treasure in this gripping techno-thriller! If you are looking for something different to read (or listen to) this summer and want to support some worthy causes at the same time than I recommend that you try The Florentine Deception by […].

Data: The New Battlefield In The Fight Against Criminals

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Business Technology Big Data business outcomes business tips Culture Customer Experience cyber security data data mining data protection excellence hackers Improvement online security online security and privacy secure security small business tech technology WorkplaceThe job of companies has traditionally been to make sure that they protect their physical assets from damage.

Data 40

How Women Are Poised To Impact Cybersecurity


However, there could be a new weapon emerging against cyberattacks of all types, and it’s not software patches or firewalls or new security protocols. News from the murky world of cybersecurity seems to keep getting worse.

How To Prevent Hackers From Stealing Sensitive Information

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Business Technology business outcomes business tips cyber security data protection excellence hackers Humanbiz Improvement Internet Security Leadership Management online security online security and privacy security small business tech technology WorkplaceHackers routinely steal. They steal credit card information from ecommerce sites and sensitive information from company websites. It’s a game for them, a puzzle to solve, a code to crack.

The Hill: Expanding computer science in schools is a bipartisan opportunity

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In The News coding college computer science cyber security higher education K-12 U.S. It is evident in our day to day lives that coding skills and computer science have become necessary in the growing job market.

Make password security a priority for your employees in 2017

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Do you know the top 10 passwords used to “secure” enterprise-connected devices in 2016 ? This theme translates to your networks not being nearly secure as you think and hope them to be. Cyber Security

Dirty Secrets Cyber Criminals Don’t Want You To Know About Security And The Internet Of Things

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Unless you’ve been living in absolute solitude without a hint of a Wi-Fi or radio signal, I’m sure you’ve been exposed to some shocking headlines about cyber attacks over the last few years. But, will our data ever be fully secure? Sorry, cyber attackers … we’re onto you.

3 Security Resources For Small Businesses

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These days security is an important issue, whether you’re an average Joe wanting to protect your personal identity or a Fortune 500 CEO. Although security technology is constantly improving, we must remain vigilant as hackers are out there, constantly working to infiltrate our defenses.

The newest threat to your cybersecurity? Your lunchroom appliances

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Cyber criminals can seize control of it to take down websites and access your smartphones and home networks.” The paper calls for an engineering-based approach that bakes security systems directly into Internet of Things devices and technology. Secure your router.

Lessons from a ransomware attack

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In 2015, for example, victims of these attacks paid a collective $24 million in ransom to these cyber-extortionists, and other $325 million to disinfect machines and restore backup data. Related Stories Is your company protected from insider cyber threats? Cyber Security

Cyber Insecurity: The Digital Economy’s Fatal Flaw?

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The inventors of the Internet didn’t give much thought to cyber security. But decades later, the Internet is as essential to global society’s day-to-day functioning as electricity, and cyber security has emerged as a defining issue of the digital era.