Case Study: Strategic Workforce Planning for Rail Infrastructure Managers

Analytics in HR

Detail of a traffic control screen for a station. To create this quantitative data model, HR put a core team in place with the Senior Business Partner, a Business Partner, the data expertise from HR Operations, and people strategy and analytics experts from Bright & co , an HR consultancy.

Most Important Developments in HR for 9/13


Everything from recruiting and onboarding to learning development and inclusion is under consideration, so HR and IT can see what employees want and make meaningful data-driven decisions to continuously improve. based on new employment-projection data released by the BLS and scored by The Wall Street Journal. The Journal ‘s ranking is based on the highest average tallies of both projected annual job openings through 2028 and median salaries for 2018.


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Watch out for HR artificial intelligence software’s hidden hiring risks

Business Management Daily

Artificial intelligence software relies on computerized algorithms to sort data and analyze it quickly, without human input. Applications that meet an employer’s screening criteria are then forwarded to HR for further review. If those criteria build in certain assumptions—for example, that many years of experience may signify the desire for higher pay than the employer wants to offer—then the applicants who survive the AI screening process may skew young.

Flexible Talent: Apply Gig Economy Principles to Your Full-Time Employees

Rallyware for Human Resources

In fact, they foresee a 168% increase in the amount of work done by flexible talent by 2028. Data from the 2018 Global Human Capital Trends by Deloitte and The 2018 Future Workforce HR Report by Upwork. For instance, how should companies screen and assess the flexible workforce’s skills? A smart learning platform can help you deliver personalized, ongoing training to your employees by tapping into their performance data and your business needs.

Top 5 Ways to Tackle the Pain Points of Remote Working


What goes out the window with WFH bounces onto your virtual screens, and how. This smart tool helps capture and store data by way of chat logs, stimulates one-to-many conversations in real-time, and allows you to connect with your team on a personalized and interconnected level.

5 Risks to Watch Out for When Hiring Remote Workers

Career Metis

By 2028, 73% of all departments within a company will have remote workers. So take your time in screening applicants so you get the best of the best you can be confident will succeed in a remote, self-directed work environment.