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3 Non-Monetary Incentives for Employees


Employee appreciation is a great way to keep your staff motivated and elevate your employer branding. You can reward them with cash bonuses and other monetary compensation types. However, this isn’t the only way to appreciate your workforce. Employee retreats are another great idea for boosting employee wellness.

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10 Ways to Recognize an Employee of the Month


Is an employee of the month program a good idea? As long as employee of the month is done in a fair and fun way and is part of a more extensive recognition program, it can be a great tool in your employee appreciation toolbox. Here are ten employee of the month ideas to get you started.


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7 Employee Motivation Strategies to Enhance Your Team’s Performance


Aside from having a clear sense of purpose, employees must learn how to work with each other as a team. You cannot simply force employees into team-building activities and make them understand teamwork. Le t employees figure things out and let things naturally happen. . Also Read: Virtual team building.

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How to Hire the Right People & How to Keep Them


Because as much as we may not want to talk about pay, if your best employees aren't making enough, they simply can't stay at your company. On the flip side, a high salary alone won’t be enough to keep employees engaged and committed to the organization long-term. Decreases employee turnover and absenteeism.

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20+ Employee Recognition Program Benefits and Ideas

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Monetary rewards programs include monetary or tangible awards for certain employee achievements, milestones or events. . Paid career development and training opportunities . Moreover, according to Incentive Marketing Association , 65% of employees prefer non-cash incentives. . Employee empowerment .

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15 Employee Benefit Examples from Great Companies


In this blog, we delve into the realm of progressive organizations that have mastered the art of cultivating a thriving work culture through remarkable employee benefits. We spotlight 15 companies that have astutely recognized the profound impact of going the extra mile in providing unparalleled employee perks and incentives.

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10 Best Employee Engagement Softwares in 2023


Pricing details can be obtained by contacting Culture Amp's sales team. Case studies: Questrade Financial Group used Culture Amp's Skills Coach to swiftly develop new leaders, employing micro-learning for skill enhancement and team-building. Pros Promotes a culture of appreciation and recognition.