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Compensation Management is Important in Every Company

NGA Human Resources

There are different ways that management and HR department can communicate appreciation. A great pay package is a serious incentive to not only take a job, but to excel at it. . However, the success of the HR Department in any company relies heavily on positive employee communication.

HR Basics: How to Cope When You Have a Compensation Department of One

TLNT: The Business of HR

Over the last few years, we have seen a rise in attention to the all too common, “HR Department of One.”. Another compensation plan or a small tweak to an incentive program may make things better or more interesting, but getting salaries and bonuses right is the priority.

Benefits and Rewards – Why Employees Want More

NGA Human Resources

We recently partnered with Benify , to round out our integrated payroll benefits solutions and services portfolio. As a result of our partnership with Benify, NGA HR will now provide clients with the option to integrate Benify’s ?digital digital HR transformation ?projects.