Improve data accuracy, reporting, and compliance by bringing HR and payroll together


Improve data accuracy, reporting, and compliance by bringing HR and payroll together. The answer is yes – if you invest in a single, integrated HR and payroll solution. Here are CIPHR ’s top five benefits of choosing a single provider for your HR and payroll.

7 Reasons You Need a PEO vs. Payroll Services


Nine times out of 10, when I’m first talking to someone about their company’s needs, they jump right to payroll. It makes sense since payroll is a critical piece to employment and subsequently the number one service outsourced by small businesses. Come for the payroll, stay for the stellar benefits ! PEOs do all of this AND payroll. Since payroll, benefits, risk management, and HR are so intertwined, full-service PEOs do it all. PEO vs. payroll?


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6 Business Cases for Interim HR Staffing


If you need to bolster your current team with specific skills or add additional resources for project-based work, you should consider interim HR staffing. Interim HR staffing can help you add a variety of temporary HR professionals, from HR generalists to specialized consultants, during critical times. Here are just a few of the problems that interim HR staffing can solve for your organization. Compliance & Changing Laws.

How Does Payroll Outsourcing Maximize the Efficiency of Your HR Team 

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Payroll is a critical part of HR management and is a time-consuming activity that needs to be performed every month. The HR managers are forever shrouded with the pressures of managing compliances and following the regulations when handling payrolls. Meeting Compliances.

Remote work, empathy, and adaptability: Staffing in 2021

COATS Staffing Software

Remote work, empathy, and adaptability: Staffing in 2021. Many staffing firms had no other choice than to have their employees work from home. The process between remote and virtual will differ based on the type of staffing company your firm operates.

Are You Tracking Gobal Payroll Metrics?


Payroll is increasingly under greater pressure to deliver data and in volumes and categories often overlooked. While producing reports is not exactly a new phenomenon to payroll professionals, what is new is the breadth and depth of reporting now requested. Payroll managers.

The Top Payroll Companies in Massachusetts

Genesis HR Solutions

Looking into payroll companies in Massachusetts? But is a payroll company really all the help you need? Keep reading to find out whether your ideal solution is purely payroll, or if you might benefit more from a slightly different option (that still includes payroll services): a PEO.

HR’s Role in Hazard Pay Policies and Compliance | BerniePortal


Dangerous worksites, physically demanding tasks, and other duties require additional compensation to keep positions staffed with skilled workers. Still, great HR professionals take it upon themselves to learn the ins and outs of the workplace, so consider this your primer on hazard pay compliance. HR payrollFor some employers, hazard pay is part of the job.

3 Myths About Payroll Service Bureaus and Efficiency


Tack on “nor the pandemic,” and you get a phrase that perfectly describes the commitment of payroll. The primary role of payroll — to pay employees — has largely remained unchanged in a pandemic-impacted business landscape. But carrying out that requirement has become more complex due to the sheer magnitude of change ushered in by the disruption: furloughs, temporary shutdowns, unemployment claims, updated benefits, and new payroll tax legislation, just to name a few.

Why payroll outsourcing may not be all unicorns and rainbows


Thinking of outsourcing your payroll? already put their company payrolls in the hands of others. Still, outsourcing your company’s payroll doesn’t magically usher in unicorns and rainbows. As someone who has worked in the payroll outsourcing world for nearly 20 years, I can attest that payroll outsourcing can come with some potential risks to keep in mind. State, local and federal regulation compliance. Costs of outsourcing payroll.

Are Full-Time Employees of Staffing Companies Exempt? It Depends

HR Daily Advisor

A new 6 th Circuit case sheds some light on whether full-time employees of staffing companies are considered exempt from overtime. Staffing Employees Worked Long Hours. The court looked at two particular jobs performed at Randstad, Account Manager and Staffing Consultant. Staffing Consultant Analysis. “A A Staffing Consultant’s duties, like an Account Manager’s, included a mix of exempt and non-exempt recruitment and placement tasks.

#1 HR Strategy For a Strong Rebound: Align HR & Payroll


Payroll is a common HR silo. “Processing payroll takes more than an entire day at 72 percent of the organizations surveyed.” “1 in 4 small business owners report spending more than six hours each month handling payroll taxes internally.”

Global Payroll Challenges and Program Design


Global Payroll Structure Design Basics. Payroll is a complex, mission-critical, component of every business and there are different ways to manage payrolls where companies operate in multiple locations. The structure of the global payroll operation of any given entity should consider certain attributes including: The maturity of the global business operations of the entity. If the company has skills and competencies internally to handle a global payroll operation?

Workplace Compliance: Clarify The Hot-Button Issues You Can’t Ignore Anymore


Do compliance worries keep you up night? 5 Compliance Basics for Employers. Human Resources oversees compliance for every team and business function. Payroll. Compliance Issues for 2021. Ensure HRMS settings support compliance.

Workday Podcast: Don’t Take Payroll for Granted


Everyone loves payday, but the word “payroll” can cause anxiety for payroll professionals as they cope with changing regulations, higher expectations, and shifting workforce dynamics. Workday’s Mariana Santiago, vice president, payroll product management, and Stacey Harris, VP research and analytics at Sierra-Cedar, talked with me about these issues and more. Take a listen here: Don’t Take Payroll for Granted. Josh Krist : “Payroll.”

5 Secrets for Effective Long-Term Staffing

HR Daily Advisor

In an article published on® , recruiting expert Miranda Nash emphasized the importance of long-term staffing and provided 5 tips on how to handle it effectively. They’re simply too preoccupied with other responsibilities, like benefits administration, compliance training, tracking personnel time off, payroll coordination, and other duties. is your one-stop solution for all your HR compliance and training needs.

The Road Ahead

HRO Today

This year’s forecast shares how the global pandemic shaped recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and managed service programs (MSP), learning, cloud HR transformation services, benefits administration, payroll services, and global employer of record (EoR) services, and what is likely to come in 2021.

What is Payroll? A Guide to the Modern Payroll System.


A good payroll system is comprised of many components– but at its core, what is payroll? Payroll refers to a company’s roster of employees and the total wages they are to be paid. There’s a lot to keep track of, which is why we’ve put together this article to help you understand the ins and outs of payroll. . What is Payroll Tax? What is Payroll in Regards to Your People? When it comes to payroll, each employment type will be paid differently.

The Future of Payroll: 4 Trends to Help Your Small Business


Each year, small business owners are inundated with billions of dollars’ worth of IRS penalties related to payroll errors. The fact is most business owners don’t know how to do their own payroll. Read below to find out more about payroll trends you need to watch out for in 2020.

Key Learnings from the American Payroll Association 2016 Fall Forum


Recently I had the opportunity to attend the American Payroll Association (APA) Fall Forum at the Mirage Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, NV with my colleague Mario Besner, Senior Product Director for Payroll. This three day forum was packed full of learning sessions for attendees on such topics as FLSA changes, best practices, benchmarking, Affordable Care Act, future technology trends, compliance and much more.

Accounting Careers: Different Job Titles & Descriptions

Professional Alternatives

Accountants perform different tasks, like managing a brand’s payroll, their taxes, and other payments. However, you will find that auditors usually work for an accounting service or payroll firm instead of working for just one specific company.

8 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Use Employee Scheduling Software

Netchex HR Blog

When integrated with payroll software and accurate time & attendance , scheduling software can yield even better results. Ensure accurate staffing levels on all shifts. Improve performance and ensure compliance. Ensure accurate payroll.

3 Unique HR and Payroll Needs for Non-Profit Organizations


As such, there are a few unique needs related to Human Resources and payroll that non-profits face. Non-Profit Staffing Needs. But non-profits face many staffing challenges. Compliance challenges. Staying in compliance with government regulations is a major challenge for most businesses, and non-profit organizations are no exception. Payroll for Non-Profits and Tax Compliance. Non-Profit HR Solutions & Payroll Services.

5 tech tools to power HR through the pandemic


Large HCM SaaS solution providers, for example, quickly added functionality to comply with new payroll legislation, track COVID cases, obtain feedback from employees or support return-to-work management.

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Switching Payroll Providers: How to Prepare


Not happy with your payroll provider? List the reasons you don’t like your current provider to help you determine the questions you need to ask new payroll providers you are considering. Does their service consist of desktop software (that you’d have to update and maintain) or is it a Web-based system that is updated and maintained by the payroll processing company? How much time is needed to get your payroll operational? Voided check for your payroll or tax account.

5 Ways to Reduce Costs using a WFM solution


When you are managing a group of employees, it can be difficult to decide where employees are most needed or how shifts need to be staffed. Forecasting within the WFM module allows companies the ability to eliminate manually “guessing” schedule staffing based on historical trends, sales, performance, and productivity. Administrators can spend hours if not days trying to reconcile employees’ time and verifying that payroll is accurate. Written by: Erica Niesse.

HR’s Role in Managing Complex Pay Structures


The modern workplace employs a combination of hourly and salaried employees, contract and contingent workers, freelancers, short-term and seasonal hires, and other classifications, each with their own unique payroll requirements. Integrate payroll with time and attendance.

CMS Announcement: PBJ Will Be Used For Five Star Rating


Since 2016, skilled nursing providers have been required to submit Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a way to drive industry standards and ensure high quality care for patients. Compliance Senior Care Staffing Time and Labor

Want to Grow Profitability? Look at HR for Help


Staffing. In anticipating these needs, you avoid having lingering job vacancies or lulls in rolling out new products or initiatives on account of low staffing. Compliance. Compliance. Payroll and time off management, which probably take up a good chunk of your time each week. As a business owner, when you think about how you can make your company profitable, your first thoughts are increasing sales, cutting costs and managing unavoidable expenses.

Join Paycor's HR & Compliance Webinar Summit on March 10


Paycor is gathering top HR industry experts on March 10, 2016 for the Spring HR and Compliance Web Summit , a free all-day online conference to share best practices and tips for managing employees. Webinar description: Stacey Browning will consider new ways to approach the challenges of change management as it relates to HR and payroll.

How the California Consumer Privacy Act Impacts Background Checks


The CCPA potentially could impose substantial compliance burdens on and create significant class-action exposure for every company that employs California residents and has more than $25 million in annual gross revenues. Working with a background screening vendor like Cisive ensures that your company is in compliance with current legislation, as well as prepare for pending legislation and laws like the CCPA become more common throughout the U.S.

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Global Upside Achieves ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 Certification

Global Upside

Global Upside is part of the Global Upside Corporation brands, which collectively provide the most comprehensive range of solutions for domestic needs, international expansion, staffing, human resources, accounting, payroll, and HR technology.

5 Ways to Decrease Administrative Time at Your Home Healthcare Agency


All payroll software is not created equal. While some payroll platforms solely provide your employees with a paycheck, there’s so many more capabilities and features that can decrease the administrative burden that’s often associated with payroll and HR tasks. And if you’re looking for a deeper dive into the payroll purchasing process, you can read our Payroll Buyer’s Guide here. Ensure Compliance.

Why should my company outsource HR?


PEOs are staffed with certified experts in each major area of HR (payroll, workers’ comp, risk management, benefits, and human resources) who consult companies across a variety of industries. Compliance. “Why would I want to outsource HR?”

Tips to help you streamline HR tasks


At the same time, you are probably trying to review employee data and payroll records in preparation for year-end reporting, tax filing and setting up the first payroll of 2020. As an HR professional, you know how hard it can be to keep all of your ducks in a row.