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Employee Retention and Turnover Solutions


To solve employee turnover, we look at employee retention best practices and organization-specific strategies. The CMO of People maps the employee experience from the employee’s perspective instead of HR’s perspective. Onboarding.

Why is Employee Engagement Important?


This is the second chapter in our series about employee engagement! Employee engagement can be the difference between an employee who just does enough to get by and an employee who always goes the extra mile. The state of employee engagement.

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Employee Onboarding Guide

ClearCompany HRM

Onboarding By: ClearCompany Updated: January 2018. What is Employee Onboarding? Onboarding Definition. Why is Onboarding Important? What is the Average Cost of Onboarding a New Employee? How to Find the Best Onboarding Software for Your Company.

Causes of Employee Turnover


Turnover is influenced by many factors that generally come from two directions: external forces and internal forces. We’ll start with external forces, though, because it helps to be aware of how much they contribute to fluctuations so that you can make effective decisions about retention.

Succession Planning for Employee Engagement and Retention - Sapling Blog


Career development is often cited as a top reason for employee turnover. When employees can envision a promising future at your organization, they are more likely to go above and beyond to excel in their roles. Get Demo

Improving Employee Engagement with HCM Technology


There is a great deal of responsibility and work involved in fostering positive relationships with your employees. Many businesses fail to realize that the employee/employer relationship begins long before a new hire’s first day. Improving Employee Engagement with HCM.

Employee Engagement Trends: Mental Health, Remote Work, and Social Media – 2020

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One of the hottest topics in the internal communications space is employee engagement. Whether looking at past or present data, there are a lot of employee engagement trends to take stock of, especially as we move towards an increasingly digital world and workplace. .

How to Get the Most Out of Your Employee Engagement Survey


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Using Performance Tracking to Improve Employee Engagement


Using Performance Tracking to Improve Employee Engagement. Tracking your employee’s performance does more than just following their strengths and weaknesses. Performance tracking is a gateway into better employee engagement and management. Employee Engagement. (4).

How to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Process


Given that the average employee alters their career path ten times between the age of 18 and 37, employers are scrambling for new and creative ways to retain top talent. Arguably the most important impactful process to focus on is employee onboarding process. Onboarding.

Restaurants Have a Turnover Problem – Here’s the Solution to Curbing Quit Rates


No matter how fast you attract and onboard new workers, there’s always a hunger for more. Turnover. Plus, the restaurant industry is seeing a dwindling worker pool and amidst more competition from other industries recruiting hourly employees.

Are You Using These 5 Proven Employee Retention Strategies?


Recently, Kazoo’s Director of Employee Experience sat down to discuss employee retention strategies in 5 Tried-and-True Ways to Boost Retention , a webinar based on the latest industry research and Kazoo’s first-hand experience with helping hundreds of organizations. Below, we touch on the employee retention secrets mentioned in the webinar. Question you should be asking yourself : “Is employee appreciation a habit here?”

Sapling - 4 Core Steps towards Decreasing Employee Turnover


Employee Turnover is often considered bad news. However, too often do our employees turnover for the wrong reasons. Unhealthy employee turnover is costly, can give your company a bad rep, and is highly contagious. Develop your employees.

4 reasons to promote from within & when to hire externally

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Existing employees already know your business or product. If a new role requires a deep understanding of your business or knowledge of your product, you might want to hire internally so that employee can be productive faster. The employees have spoken. Book a demo.

How Personalized Training Has Been Helping Call Centers Win Customers’ Hearts

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Still, the prevailing majority of call centers experience the urgent need to decrease turnover rates, transit to a broader mix of channels, and facilitate interactions with customers through self-service tools. High turnover is still a call center’s #1 challenge.

Enhance Your Onboarding System in 3 Steps


Enhance Your Onboarding System in 3 Steps. Onboarding begins on day one and can make or break a new hire’s experience with a company. One of the biggest hurdles to successful onboarding is cultural unfamiliarity. Contact our team today to get more information or schedule a demo.

5 financial industry HR challenges and how to solve them

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As technology emerges to help streamline processes, financial organizations are among the many industries engaged in digital transformation processes. ” Develop employees internally to address current and future needs. ” Solutions: Don’t assume you understand what matters most to your millennial employees. Then take steps to develop and implement retention strategies to keep millennials on board. Book a demo.

6 Benefits of Onboarding Employees the Right Way - Sapling Blog


Employee onboarding at the majority of organizations focuses on completing new hire paperwork and explaining processes. Doing too little during this crucial transition period can lead to higher turnover, lower engagement, and poor productivity, among other things.On

5 Ways You’re Losing as an Employer


There’s a phenomenon that many HR nerds refer to as the employee lifecycle, and if it’s something you’re not managing, you may be losing out as an employer. The employee lifecycle refers to the various stages of relationship that an employee has with their employer. Human resources plays a key role in every aspect of the employee lifecycle. Consider a prospective employee with incredible talent who doesn’t get the right impression of your business from day one.

6 Features that Will Optimize Your Employee Onboarding Software

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New employee onboarding used to be a one-size-fits-all affair. Onboarding written under torn paper. Tools such as video-based learning and gamification improve knowledge retention and employee engagement. Optimize Onboarding with eLearning.

How Hiring and Onboarding Are Like Peanut Butter and Jelly


How Hiring and Onboarding Are Like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Onboarding and hiring go hand-in-hand. Onboarding is the jelly. Similar to jelly, onboarding offers a flavor of your organization to your employee. Employee Engagement. (5). Onboarding. (12).

7 Steps to Improve Employee Engagement


There’s no doubt about it: When employees are engaged at work, they are significantly happier and more motivated—and it shows in their performance. So what exactly is employee engagement, other than a buzzword? What does this mean for employers with poor engagement?

Top 6 Reasons to Automate Employee Onboarding


Hiring of employees is a challenging and time-consuming process. But the real challenge begins with onboarding of new hires. Many organizations overlook the importance of a well-structured onboarding program , due to limited resources. According to Aberdeen Group, only 32% of organizations recognize the importance of a formal onboarding process. Allied Workforce study has also revealed that 35% of companies have spent zero dollars on employee onboarding.

Who’s the Real Flight Risk? Why Employees Leave (And Stay)


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Cutting costs in retail business with talent optimization

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Our recent survey of 156 CEOs uncovered that 55% of the average company’s operating expenses are employee-related costs. Retail has the second highest turnover rate of any industry: 13%. And with that turnover costing retail business owners 20% of an employee’s annual salary to replace an entry- or mid-level position, reducing turnover is key to retail operations cost cutting. Book a demo. Employee Engagement Retention & Turnover

How to Empower Employees and Build Trust


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Promoting from Within Should Be a Priority

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“The department that I was in did not acknowledge the skill sets of the employees there. There are employees who have advanced degrees and who have been in management that never got promoted. Filling positions internally fosters a deep sense of loyalty and stability among employees.

Making Data-driven Decisions with HR Reporting - Sapling Blog


Onboarding. Employee engagement. Employee retention. Turnover rate: Track your turnover rate over time to find patterns, identify potential issues, and plan for backfilling positions. These insights can help you improve employee retention.

5 Items to Add to Your HR Budget in 2019


Tasked with overseeing the entire employee lifecycle, HR professionals are often asked to drive serious business results with limited resources. Employee Engagement Tools. Luckily, when it comes to engagement, sometimes simpler is better.

Five Benefits of Having a Millennial Workforce


Able to recognize the importance of employee satisfaction. Learn more about BirdDogHR’s talent management system , or schedule a demo to see our ATS and Onboarding software in action. Using Performance Tracking to Improve Employee Engagement April 18, 2017.

Performance Tracking and Millennials


As the traditional annual performance review is becoming more obsolete, Millennials are looking for a more fluid way to engage with their managers. Clarification and transparency are the keys to gaining and building the trust of an employee. Take in feedback from employees.

Mobile Technology Finds Home at Construction Sites


Whether it’s via app, software, or web-based, it can help manage HR compliance, EEO reporting, hiring , onboarding, timesheets, data management, payrolls, scheduling and more. It’s a fantastic way to make sure all employees, subcontractors, vendors, and other parties are all on the same page.

Create the Performance Management of Your Dreams with the Best of ClearCompany

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ClearCompany has processed millions of applicants, created thousands of hiring programs and taken hundreds of talent acquisition teams to the next level with their industry leading ATS, Sourcing Module, Onboarding Platform and Video Interviewing capabilities. Employee-Friendly.

How to Build a Resilient Workplace


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How to Win the War on Talent in the Financial Services and Banking Industry


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