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How to Find & Choose the Right Georgia Marketing & Advertising Recruiter for Your Business

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The advertisement and marketing sector is a booming business in Georgia and a major contributor to the region’s economy. To stay competitive and productive in this business, you must have a competent team. Hiring the right marketing and advertising recruiters ensures you get the right staff for your company. With their expertise in the sector, they quickly access top talent and facilitate a tailored hiring process.

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The “No Application Required” Recruiting Strategy (Providing employed top talent with “job search deniability”)

Dr. John Sullivan

Top employees are reluctant to apply for external jobs because it makes them appear disloyal. “Getting caught” would not only be embarrassing, but it would likely result in some career damage at their current company. However, this “no application required” strategy delays any formal job application. It allows a currently employed (and not actively looking) top talent to build a relationship with a potential employer while maintaining what I call “job search deniability,” allowing an employee to


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Strategies for Building an Efficient Recruitment Process in the UAE


HR professionals encounter opportunities and challenges due to the UAE's dynamic economy and diverse workforce. Building an efficient recruitment process in this highly competitive landscape is crucial for attracting top talent and ensuring successful hiring outcomes.

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Bradford Factor for attendance: purpose, calculation, application


Absenteeism is a crucial aspect of every workspace and impacts company culture. Some absences are avoidable, such as illness and emergencies. However, frequent absences can affect a company’s productivity and wear down other employees. The Bradford factor is an HR tool that notes the pattern and its possible impact on the company. Bradford factor, or Bradford score, is a type of absenteeism measurement that tracks an employee or team’s absence frequency.

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New Report from 3,500+ Employers Confirms Retention is a Top HR Priority in 2024

The first report from Gallagher’s 2024 US Workforce Trends Report Series, includes data from 3,500+ employers who participated in the 2024 US Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey. The report provides benchmarks for benefits, HR and people strategies to help organizations thrive. Organizations continue to rank retention as the top priority for HR, and second highest for operations.

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Quick Tips on How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Like a Pro

HR Digest

Are you often taken off guard by behavioral interview questions that stray away from your industry expertise to topics that are more introspective? Top behavioral interview questions are designed to peek into your psyche and explore how you perform in a pinch, which is exactly why they are so uncomfortable to answer. Despite the discomfort, there are ways you can master the art of answering situational interview questions accurately every time.

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Top Signs of Overworked Employees & How to Deal With It?

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In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s common for employees to feel the pressure of tight deadlines and high expectations. However, prolonged periods of excessive workload can lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and even serious health issues. Recognizing the signs of overworked employees and addressing them effectively is crucial for maintaining a healthy, productive workforce.