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The Importance Of Wisdom To Enable Collective Intelligence


We use our experiences, knowledge, and inner awareness to spread ideas and information throughout the industries we are involved in. It is an effective way to find our orientation in a place where employees are constantly flooded with various offers, information, and other urgent predicaments.

Balanced Blending: Company Culture Lessons from American Distilleries


The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) estimated the total retail sales of distilled spirits to be almost $72 billion in 2015 , with the industry supporting 1.4 George Spirits is a powerhouse in the craft spirits industry.

100+ Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts

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More and more of the smartest people in the HR industry are sharing their best practices through insightful interviews via podcasts. Recruiting Host: Gordon Collier About: Dropping talent acquisition value in short consumable episodes designed for the "recruiter".

How Technology Is Changing Human Resources


Like so many other industries before it, human resources (HR) has been experiencing a period of rapid digital transformation over the last few years. When human resources has access to the right technology, the entire team will likely be more engaged and more productive at work.