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How To Design An Effective Spot Bonus Program?

Vantage Circle

Although there are innumerable ways of rewarding your employees, rewards like spot bonuses undoubtedly win it. It is a powerful tool to recognize and incentivize exceptional contributions in real-time rather than waiting for a formal review period. Hands down! This is where spot bonus programs come to your aid.

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Managers need recognition, too! 3 steps for employee retention


My company is having trouble with employee retention. What tools can we use to make our employees more satisfied and engaged? Dear Lonely, Employee retention can be a very difficult issue, but we do know that employees don’t leave jobs: they leave managers. Employee Satisfaction Scores. Mr. Lonely.


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Employee expectations are shifting. Can you meet them?

PI Worldwide

If employees feel satisfied, that’s okay—you might not need big changes! Of course, surveying your employees isn’t just about metrics. Address employee expectations. You might say you want a better work-life balance, but if employees see you in the office until midnight, they’ll get a different message.

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The Ultimate Check-List: 8 Manager Essentials


More often than not, employees don’t leave companies – they leave bad managers. That’s why it’s up to you to equip your managers with the tools they need to engage and motivate your workforce to drive results. Give them visibility into employee engagement. Align managers with business objectives.