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Rewarding Managers On Employee Performance Reviews


A very common complaint about performance reviews by employees is that they find the feedback they receive to be insufficient. Nobody wants an entire day’s worth of detailed feedback. Only 6% of organizations believe their current performance review […].

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Book review: HR Fundamentals: Reward Management, by Michael Rose

HR Zone

Book review: HR Fundamentals: Reward Management.


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Effective Employee Reward Management using Empuls and Plum | Sept'19 Update | Xoxoday


Know all about the Empuls and Plum product updates of September 2019 for effective employee reward management

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6 Best Practices For Getting Talent Reviews Right

HR Tech Girl

For example, leaders can verbally support talent movement, and HR can build a career ladder infrastructure, but, if managers thrive in a culture that allows them to horde talent, all will be lost. Track progress and IDP completions, noting the win for the employee, the company, and the manager. What support is available to me?

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Plum Release Aug' 20: Digital Rewards Management Easier than Ever | Xoxoday


The Xoxoday Store comes up with a handful of new features in August. Along with handy admin capabilities, ease of redemption for users, global guest checkout, & more.

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Shortchanging individual contributors could jeopardize employee engagement


Clearly, the value ICs bring to the table isn’t recognized in the same way as the contributions of managers. However, the gap between ICs and managers isn’t malicious. Rewarding managers has historically been a vital component of showing appreciation for those directly overseeing others.

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Managers Make or Break Your Culture of Career Mobility


Third, help create a company culture that rewards managers for supporting career mobility. And If you are a manager, Palmer said, “Model what you want to see.”. Or perhaps that person wants a chance to train somebody else. Most of the time, this isn’t about taking on a new, full-time position. Learn More.