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6 Skills Every HR Technology Leader Must Develop Starting in 2017


The disruption to how we work has been just as profound, and it has led to changes in the very nature of work and the skills that the HR Technology Leader of the future will need. Other HR practitioners are already beginning to ask themselves questions such as: How will engagement be impacted by robots joining the workforce? These are the six skills HR technology leaders must develop today in order to succeed in the future: 1. Design Thinking HR.

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How to Use HR Analytics to Make Business Decisions

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HR analytics continues to be one of the top 5 global HR trends. As an HR leader, do you truly understand why it’s a top trend and do you understand where teams have gone horribly wrong with it? Featured HR Analytics business intelligence hr analytics hr metricsIf you don’t, this article will help to set you in the right direction as you enter […].

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5 Marketing Trends that Are Shaping the Recruitment Industry

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In the last couple of years, we have witnessed the emergence of a completely new trend called recruitment marketing. In this article, we have shared the five trends that will completely reshape the recruitment industry by making the selection process more efficient and cost-effective. Detailed Analytics. That is why one of the fastest emerging trends in the HR niche are the detailed analytics provided by the latest hiring software.

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Women in Finance Charter: What HR Should Know

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Companies are focusing upon other metrics such as flexible working hours, gender-neutral hiring and addressing any potential pay gaps between men and women. The main challenge revolves around the HR-related logistics associated with this implementation. This is not merely a trend in the finance industry but a reality in all related industries, specifically in the investment sector where women in senior positions is less than 25% in the UK. HR Trends Talent Management

Get Ready for 2019

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HR experts share six trends that will shape the industry in the coming year. The past year in HR has been marked by developments in smart technologies, key shifts in workplace management practices, and the rise of alternative forms of work. With artificial intelligence (AI), automation, social media, and a new world of data and analytics at their fingertips, HR professionals have transformed the industry into a more agile and strategic business function.

Ideas To Disrupt Your Talent Strategy

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I am a “HR trends addict” What usually fuels my addiction are studies like the Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report and the Mercer Talent Trends Study. I am intrigued by what executives and HR professionals believe are their current and future priorities. I am fascinated by the analytics, trends and insights. Here is another insight from the 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report. 2017 a C.

7 Unexpected Employee Performance Management Trends To Watch For In 2019


Increasingly, companies realize that to succeed, they must create an employee-centric culture and employ the latest performance trends, because they are able to hire, retain and develop employees. For the last three years, our posts on employee engagement and management trends have been our top performers, showing that the term consistently resonates with managers, company leaders, and HR professionals. 4) People Analytics Will Become Essential.