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Build vs. Rent: Don’t Crash on the Do-It-Yourself Iceberg for People Analytics


Rent” is a common dichotomy in technology buying, but what does it mean when applied to people analytics? The race to adopt people analytics is heating up: according to the Bersin by Deloitte HR Technology Disruptions for 2018 report , “people analytics is now a must-have discipline within HR and business.”.

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Employee onboarding software – check our top list


We know, identifying the best onboarding software can be a daunting task. Features of a good onboarding software A good onboarding software should offer more than just digital documentation and automation. Moreover, a good onboarding software should offer robust analytics and reporting features.


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What is People Analytics? | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

It’s not always obvious which HR metrics are most important to track, not to mention which software option is the right analytics tool for your organization. From our desire to identify and track these metrics and use them to inform better HR outcomes, a new term has emerged: people analytics. Types of analytics.

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HR Software is Essential for Modern Organizations


One area where companies are increasingly turning to technology for assistance is human resources (HR). HR software companies have become indispensable partners for businesses of all sizes. Leading the pack in HR Software is ExactHire , Contact our team to talk to a professional about which HR software is right for you!

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How HR tech’s people data boosts business performance


Today’s best HR strategy leans on people tech to take the focus off the paperwork and put the emphasis on improving culture, employee engagement and retention, and the business’s bottom line. But what tech can you use to support your business’s HR functions and free up the time you need to put your energy into your people?

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Analytics, modelling and forecasting: using people data for insight


HR software has the potential to capture more HR data than ever. Is your HR team making the most of this opportunity to gain real insight into your people? When the pandemic turned business as usual upside down in early 2020, HR teams were faced with more questions than they had answers for.

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What Is Human Resources?

Analytics in HR

As a function, HR covers the processes, practices, and strategies to attract, develop, and retain employees who contribute to the company’s overall success. HR is vital in aligning the organization’s business objectives and employees’ needs and aspirations. The HR department What does the HR department do?