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How To Design An Effective Spot Bonus Program?

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Although there are innumerable ways of rewarding your employees, rewards like spot bonuses undoubtedly win it. Unlike traditional performance-based bonuses typically tied to annual or quarterly reviews, spot bonuses can be awarded anytime. Why Give Spot Bonus to Employees? Hands down!

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The Role of Total Rewards in the Company

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Compensation refers to the combination of all direct ways an employee can earn money at their position. When you say compensation, most people think about the salary and bonuses. Other popular compensation options are seasonal bonuses, such as the end-of-the-year bonus. . Recognition programs. Lunch with the CEO.

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Who Owns Retention? The REAL Employee Turnover Problem


This often includes, but is not limited to: conducting and analyzing employee surveys and stay interviews. building employee networks/committees. serving as an employee ambassador who can answer staff questions or listen to feedback. determining gaps where additional supervisor/management training is needed.