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The Top 5 Employee Engagement Challenges That Government Agencies Face

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But it's no easy task— The State of Human Capital Management in Government report highlights the five key obstacles that HCM leaders grapple with at government agencies, and how to overcome them. 3) Limited Budgets HCM leaders focus much of their time, energy and resources on employee engagement.

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Harnessing AI for Employee Engagement and Strategic Talent Management


Image by Freepik Innovative AI-Driven Employee Engagement Strategies Artificial intеlligеncе is opеning up nеw ways to understand and connect with employees on a more personalised lеvеl. Key metrics like performance, engagement survey results and length of tenure can provide useful signals.


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3 critical ‘moments of truth’ in rewards and talent management


In the fast-moving consumer goods sector, “moments of truth” represent the key points where consumers interact with a product, and their thoughts and opinions about it are formed. Talent management can benefit from a similar emphasis on moments of truth for employees, the company’s internal customers.

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Innovative approaches to talent management


On the flip side, depending on the market sector, some employers need new workers in the fold to meet pandemic-driven demand for products and services. One innovative solution, an employee-sharing strategy, is taking off to meet that challenge.

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Key Human Resources (HR) Pillars: Your 101 Guide

Analytics in HR

HR drives and provides oversight to these functions, which include: Workforce strategy : HR should drive a company’s workforce strategic plan , which includes assessing staffing needs, both in numbers and skills, maintaining competitive pay and benefits, supporting the performance management and career development process.

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Time = Productivity: Free up your HR team and let them thrive.


The Time Crunch in HR Time is the currency of productivity, and nowhere is this more evident than in HR departments worldwide. The pitfalls are glaring: Error-Prone: Manual data entry is susceptible to human error, leading to inaccuracies in employee records, payroll discrepancies, and compliance issues.

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The Cost of Vacancy: Definition, Process, Formula & Example

HR Lineup

This cost encompasses a range of direct and indirect expenses, including lost productivity, increased workload for remaining employees, potential revenue loss, and additional recruitment and training expenses. Daily Productivity Value: The revenue or value the position contributes to the organization daily. 45 = $13,846.05