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Organizational Agility and the CEO: Guiding the Business Through Digital Transformation


The findings highlight a strong correlation between digital revenue growth and organizational agility—a set of behaviors that help leading businesses drive digital revenue growth and shift digital transformation from a one-time event to an ongoing, new way of operating. In the study, we found that there are five best practices that set the leaders apart: Continuous planning. Building the future workforce. Continuous Planning. Upskill the Future Workforce.

How New SEC Disclosure Rules Impact CHROs and CFOs

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This amendment elevates people to their rightful place as a core driver of business success, and further places the CHRO as a key strategic driver of how the business executes its business strategy. In addition, the CHRO will not be able to rely on their HRIS as a historical source.


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Agile, Adaptable, and Innovative

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To meet the challenge, HR leaders will need to reskill and upskill their workforce to operate in new ways post-pandemic and prepare for a future of even greater disruption. As workplace demands continue to evolve due to COVID-19, HR leaders share best practices for growing employee skills.

The Business of HR

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What comes with being a CHRO at an HR service partner organization? As the CHRO of any organization, running the management of human capital is no easy feat. It’s a higher bar in my view,” says Dave Almeda, vice president and CHRO of Kronos , a human capital management and workforce management solutions provider. I equate being the CHRO for an HCM service provider to the famous M.C. What else comes with being a CHRO at an HR service partner organization?

13 HR Conferences to check out in Q1 2020


Your events budget! We wanted to run through 10 great HR conferences in Q1 of next year that you’ll want to put on the calendar (and start convincing your boss to allocate $$$ to): HCI 2020 People Analytics & Workforce Planning Conference. The People Analytics & Workforce Planning Conference, hosted by the Human Capital Institute, is an annual 3-day conference dedicated to hiring and workforce planning. SHRM Events in Q1.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Event Name: HR Technology Conference & Exposition®. HRTech #FutureofWork #AI #HCM #Leadership #Recruiting #WomenInTech #HRTechnology #Digitalworkplace #TalentMobility #CHRO #PeopleAnalytics #HRTechExpo #EmployeExperience #WomenInBusiness #Analytics #Chatbot #Blockchain #EmployeeExperience. ask_dr_nat : Chief Workforce Scientist at Achievers. Reappropriating HR for people (who are not capital nor cattle) Workforce fluidity is my jam!