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Conducting an HR Audit – Review, Identify, Improve

CCI Consulting

Conducting an HR audit is a proactive step that organizations take to identify the function’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Consider an HR audit like a report card, this process allows an organization to evaluate the effectiveness of the policies and procedures conducted by the human resources department.

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Verbal warning at work causes and procedures

Business Management Daily

From the employee perspective, it can be stressful to feel like you’ve fallen short in your work or displeased your supervisor. In a challenging job market, a warning can also strike fear in employees who may worry about their job security. These warnings are issued verbally, typically by the employee’s direct manager or supervisor.


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4 ways to ensure workplace music won’t land your company in court


The type of music employers play at the workplace could form the basis of a sex harassment claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to a recent decision of the Ninth Circuit in Sharp v. As the Court put it, “an employer’s status as a purported ‘equal opportunity harasser’ provides no escape hatch for liability.”

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Changes to Respect@Work start with a culture review

Workplace Mediation Blog

The 2023 Industrial Relation Reforms (IRR) should be high on the priority list for all workplaces. The aim is to make workplaces more fair and equitable, which will improve employee relations and sentiment while reducing the risk of disputes and claims. New provisions in the Sex Discrimination Act​ prohibit this conduct.