Learning leaders reexamine sexual harassment prevention in light of new state laws

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1 in the state of Illinois, the Workplace Transparency Act mandates workplace sexual harassment training for public and private organizations with more than 15 employees. Additionally, the training needed to be more meaningful and relatable.”.

The Importance of Providing Sexual Harassment Training

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We’ve seen over a dozen high profile sexual harassment cases in the media over the past year. In fact, 85% of women claim they have been sexually harassed at work, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Roger Ailes.

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#MeToo and the Workplace: HR and Sexual Harassment Policy


#MeToo and the Workplace. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, HR and employee relations managers were sent scrambling. It needs to be reflective of the company culture at large, which, like most other corporate policies, trickles from the top down.

Could Your HRIS Help Stop Workplace Sexual Harassment?

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The prevalence of sexual harassment claims in the news lately is making it very clear that the problem is widespread. While most of the claims making headlines have been brought forth against celebrities and people in high-power positions, sexual harassment takes many forms and can be instigated by individuals in any position in any industry. Make Information about Sexual Harassment Policies Accessible.

Supervisory Status Key in Assessing Liability in Sexual Harassment Cases

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The U.S. Jerry was responsible for overseeing maintenance activities and supervising hourly employees. Tom reported to the area manager, but he worked under Jerry’s instruction. Jerry trained Tom and assigned him tasks. Tom agreed to the new assignment.

How the #MeToo Movement Is Making an Impact on Workplace Sexual Harassment Policy

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The #MeToo movement threw the whole country for a loop, but no one more than HR and employee relations managers. Human Resources generally investigates claims of sexual harassment , but many companies had been doing a poor job of this. While most of us don’t have Matt Lauer types lurking in our cubicles, there are plenty of people who didn’t come forward to HR — or who came forward and were ignored — for fear of messing with the star players.

Ask an HR Expert: Romantic relationships in the workplace

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Today’s question is “What do I need to consider as an employer when it comes to romantic relationships in the workplace?”. Today’s question is “What do I need to consider as an employer when it comes to romantic relationships in the workplace?”.

Office Romances: For Better or Worse.

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Love is in the air. This may not be a shocking statistic if you stop to consider a full-time employee spends at least half of his or her waking hours on the job. Do not skirt the issue or leave gray areas. Perform annual or bi-annual sexual harassment training.

It’s time for HR to take a Stand #NoRetaliation.


In this time of daily reports of long term patterns of sexual harassment in the workplace, I have spoken to many HR professionals who feel they are walking a tightrope. On one hand, they are in support of employees bringing forth harassment issues to be dealt with appropriately.

Workplace Harassment and Bullying


WORKPLACE HARASSMENT AND BULLYING. The topic of workplace bullying is frequently in the headlines, and there are worrisome signs that it is on the upsurge. However, it is the way they are addressed that makes the difference.

6 Ways a PEO Can Help You Manage Your Employee-Related To-Dos


The more time you spend managing employee issues, the less time you have to run your business. But ignoring your employee-related responsibilities could cause a rift in your workforce and create potentially costly legal battles. Your simple employee relations issue just escalated. Other employees are now complaining that Joe is very careless around equipment in the warehouse. An employee requests leave.

ICYMI: An Increase in Workplace Harassment Allegations Is Creating Better Workplaces

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The modern workplace is changing for the better. The study analyzed 150 leading enterprises with more than 4.4 million employees between them and found that both sexual and non-sexual harassment allegations have increased by more than half since 2017.

Uber, Harassment and HR Business Partner Coverage - Let's Look at the Numbers.

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By now, you've heard about this post accusing Uber of creating a hostile, harassing environment for women. Rather than rehash the claim, I'm going to go to the numbers in this post. Most of the allegations claim that Uber was focused on recruiting above and beyond all else.

Male HR Manager Takes Down Female Congressional Candidate with Harassment Claim. #metoo

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As warranted by the stupid, inappropriate behavior of some men, the #metoo movement has mostly outed those men for the harassers they are. But now, we have our first public female victim of the #metoo movement. Read on, analysis after the clip below.

Can Your Company Afford $22,500 in Lost Productivity…Per Employee?


Over the weekend, I came across an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review titled, Why We Fail to Report Sexual Harassment. The article addressed the fact that despite employer efforts to train staff and investigate complaints, the majority of employees affected by harassment, whether victims or bystanders, do not report the incidents. One day she asked the Lead in the testing area to take it down.

What Is Workplace Bullying and How Can You Stop It?

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Workplace bullying is unfortunately common and can be detrimental to both the health of the employee and the culture of the workplace. Workplace bullying is different from racial discrimination, sexual harassment, or violence, so it is often overlooked.

From the archives: The art of the apology

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The thing is, if your apology is followed by a “but…”, then you haven’t really apologized at all. So, when Donald follows, “I was wrong, and I apologize,” with, “Hillary Clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. What does this have to do with the workplace, you ask?

Title IX & the #MeToo Movement Process for HR


Title IX & the #MeToo Movement Process. It is important to be aware of the recent proposed changes that Betsy DeVos and the Trump administration have recommended to the U.S. To refresh your memory, Title IX is a federal amendment from 1972 that prohibits sex-based discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding, and directs how colleges and universities respond to sexual misconduct claims. Reactions to the Proposed Changes.

“It’s not fair”

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Watch this , and then let’s talk about the word fair. Like Louie in the clip above, I tell my kids this all the time. Must the workplace be fair ? What does the word “fair” even mean at work? Nothing in the law requires the workplace to be fair.

Stop Wasting Time Measuring HR Data


You need to know ahead of time (or at least have a general idea) about how the information can help you. If you’re gathering data for the sake of gathering data, then you are wasting time and resources, and you’re probably harming your credibility as well. Please.

Data 207

WIRTW #481 (the “proof of concept” edition)

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When a commenter starts his thoughts with “Hey faggot,” you know you have one for the internet-troll hall of fame. This post generated the above-referenced comment on Workforce.com (which cross-posts my blog daily). The rest of this winning comment? HR & Employee Relations.

WIRTW #484 (the “happy place” edition)

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Where do you take your mind when you’re just having a bad day, when you have to deal with that employee, when a client chews you out (I know, that never happens), or when you otherwise need a mental breather from the world and all of its evil and other craziness? via Who Is My Employee?

Is Arbitration Of Harassment the Best Course Of Action?


is arbitration of harassment claims the best course of action? Coming off the heels of this victory, employers have been structuring contractual relationships, including many with independent contractors, with arbitration programs to resolve work-related issues.

New employment laws to watch in 2020


There are some big changes employers need to know about at the federal, state and local levels. Change at the federal level: White-collar exemption rules. Updates to the so-called “white-collar exemption” to federal overtime rules have been in the works for a long time.

Exec out? 3 keys to handling a leader’s sudden departure

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It’s every organization’s worst nightmare when the CEO or a key executive leaves the company unexpectedly. And in the current climate, it’s a very real possibility. The #MeToo movement saw many top leaders terminated due to sexual harassment. The CEO of Papa John’s, John Schnatter, was forced to step down after his racist comments came to light. The best way to handle an unexpected departure is to be ready for it.

WIRTW #501 (the “fireflies” edition)

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We went to see our fav, Rhett Miller, who invited Norah to share the stage and duet with him. I learned 4 things watching Norah: She’s got nerves of steel (which I kind of already knew). She can hold her own with a 30-year veteran of the industry. via The Tim Sackett Project.

WIRTW #504 (the “once bitten, twice shy” edition)

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I’ll be watching Norah and her bandmates warming up the crowd for 80’s hair band Great White. I’ll be the one without the motorcycle. If You’re Sued, Your Sexual Harassment Report Could Become Public — via TLNT. HR & Employee Relations.

Everything to know about Human Resource Management


People are crucial to the success of any organization and are not merely means to achieve end objectives and goals of the company. To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace. Recruitment is very competitive as every company wants the best candidate.

WIRTW #493 (the “Super Bowl” edition)

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Today’s goal: Strive to be the type of employer that engenders this type of loyalty in your employees. Here’s what I read this week: Harassment. Friends Do NOT Let Friends Engage in Harassing Conduct — via Jonathan HR Law. Listening for Sexual Harassment — via HR Gazette.

WIRTW #503 (the “bald is beautiful” edition)

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I need to get something off my chest. I’ve been crushed by the weight of success, intelligence, and sheer masculinity. Men with bald heads are often seen as more dominant and successful by everyone around them, according to a study of the University of Pennsylvania. The U.S.

Expanding Your Business – 9 Things You Need to Know

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However, have you considered the employer and employee elements? Additionally, 14 states and the District of Columbia contain cities and counties that also impose an income tax. You will need to be educated on the differences and establish an accurate tracking system. The rules are complicated, and the penalties for noncompliance are severe. Employers are forced to consider the most stringent regulations and align their policies with those.

2020 and Beyond

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HR leaders predict how cultural, social, and technological shifts will impact the way people work in the coming year. Not too long ago, HR professionals were relegated to the realm of “personnel management”—paper-pushers responsible for administrative tasks and little else.

A Full Guide to the HR Generalist

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The HR generalist is probably the most varied HR professional out there. In this article, we will answer what an HR generalist is, what he or she does, how to become one, how much you earn as a generalist, and all the other information that you’ll want to know! Firing employees.

WIRTW #435 (the "spare time" edition)

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According to one of its two creators , Lou Hamou-Lhadj (the other is Andrew Coats ), their “goal was as to make something that kind of contested the notion of animation being a genre, and one for children specifically. I’d say they hit it out of the park.

2020 and Beyond

HRO Today

HR leaders predict how cultural, social, and technological shifts will impact the way people work in the coming year. Not too long ago, HR professionals were relegated to the realm of “personnel management”—paper-pushers responsible for administrative tasks and little else.

WIRTW #425 (the “tschüss” edition)

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The Hymans did not take a vacation this summer. Tschüss” is the German equivalent of “bye.” Title VII and sexual orientation bias, revisited — via Robin Shea’s Employment & Labor Insider. Bullying or Harassment or Am I Missing Something? — HR & Employee Relations.

5 Benefits of Employee Development Programs

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The unemployment rate for healthcare workers is 3.2% This fact means that if you are a Human Resources professional in the healthcare field, you must work harder than ever to attract and retain the best people. Employee development programs help you achieve these goals.