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Outsourcing Employment Functions: Advantages of an Employer of Record

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Outsourcing employment functions to an Employer of Record (EOR) has become a popular strategy for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce administrative burdens. Want to learn more about the employer of record? What is an Employer of Record?

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5 Best Employer Of Record (EOR) Services To Consider

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With the challenges many employers undergo while expanding their businesses across the globe, seeking employer of record services will be of great importance. . So, what is employer of record, and why do you need it when expanding your business? Plus, list the 5 best employer of record (EOR) services to consider.


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A Complete Guide To Hiring Remotely (For Startups)

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So, in an age where remote work is increasingly an expectation (not merely a perk, or indeed a temporary solution in response to national lockdowns), how can startups manage the often complex process of hiring talent remotely? You can even use a tool like How to onboard employees remotely. Let’s begin.

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10 Best Employee Onboarding Software in 2023


Employee onboarding software is creating all sorts of buzz in the market. There are many attributes of an employee that need to be recorded when new employees join. Onboarding of a new employee is a tedious and meticulous task especially if you are an HR manager at a big company that has an extensive onboarding procedure.

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With the rise of the gig economy and the growing trend of remote work, employers are struggling to keep up with the changing regulations and compliance requirements. This is where Employer of Record (EOR) services come in. What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

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An in-Depth analysis of the Best HR software solutions and how to pick one

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HR professionals handle countless processes and workflows like payroll , recruiting, onboarding, measuring employee performance , and monitoring employee engagement. That’s why the best HR software solutions are necessary for most HR teams to operate at peak efficiency.

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For Brokers: 9 Benefits of HR Outsourcing Partnerships


Quick look: For some clients, HR outsourcing is the best of both worlds: they gain access to the same high-touch offerings as PEO clients but remain the employer of record. However, most HRO and PEO solutions allow employers to maintain authority over hiring and firing. time-tracking, applicant-tracking, etc.).