WEBINAR: PlatCore 3.0 Native ServiceNow Learning Management


Join us to learn. How to improve efficiency and streamline learning programs. Join us to learn how to serve your employees for whatever the future of work has in (the ServiceNow app) store! The post WEBINAR: PlatCore 3.0 Date: June 24 th at 10 AM MT.

Webinar: Customer Exclusive: Paycor Learning Management Demo


This session is only for current Paycor Customers Learning Management Systems (LMS) allow employers to deliver personalized training to their workforce. Before the pandemic, “learning” was a good idea as a general principle, but now, training has taken on a whole new dimension.


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Webinar: Customer Exclusive: Paycor Learning Management Demo - 2/3 @2pm ET


Learning Management Systems (LMS) allow employers to deliver personalized training to their workforce. Before the pandemic, “learning” was a good idea as a general principle. But now, training has taken on a whole new dimension.

Zoom Integration for Learning Management System


SkyPrep’s Zoom integration allows you to host video meetings from your learning management system and broadcast them with your team in different locations. . You can create, manage, and deploy Zoom sessions directly from the training software. Simplify Webinar Processes.

Seamless GoToMeeting Integration for SkyPrep Learning Management System


The integration enables you to create, manage, and deliver GoToMeeting sessions directly from SkyPrep’s platform. It is easy to administer webinars and you are able to provide a seamless and engaging learning experience for your team. Save and Share Webinar Recordings.

Here’s How to Reinvent Learning Management


Everyone could agree learning not only provides a competitive edge in an increasingly automated and outsourced economy, it’s critically necessary. Digitization of Learning. We haven’t made the digitization of learning a top organizational priority, but we should. People are digital natives, or becoming so, yet the workforce technology we provide for learning and productivity is outdated. Provide highly consumable learning that’s quick and easy to absorb and use.

HR TechStack – Learning Management System


Learning Management System (LMS) Software Definition. Learning management systems (LMSs) are software platforms for instructors to manage and organize educational courses online and provide students a single location for all course material. LMSs are used to help streamline information between educational institutions and students over the internet, allowing for increased learning capabilities that are more accessible to the general public.

Webinar: Feature Focus: Make the Case to Invest in Learning Management System


Find out how Paycor's Learning Management Solution can increase retention and impact business performance across the organization. Carolyn Johnson is Paycor’s resident talent management expert. With five years of experience in the HCM industry, Carolyn leads our Talent Management product strategy as a Senior Product Manager One of the very best ways to engage your employees and to reduce turnover is to offer them excellent education and training.

Webinar Recap: Real Life Learning Strategies for Today’s World

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

At Texas A&M University’s Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning (TCALL), learners and educators are accustomed to using digital learning tools. To continue to offer live courses, for example, the center pivoted to delivering them as webinars through Zoom.

WEBINAR: 5 Key Features of a Government LMS


Topic: The central role of Learning Management is more critical than ever in the Public Sector. This webinar will share the 5 key features a Government LMS needs, and why they are so important to your agency – and staff. These include: Modern Learning.

WEBINAR: Tracking Learning Metrics that Matter


What Learning Management Metrics really matter to your company? Join us to learn the first step to getting core insights on your training program. Please join us for this fun and informative webinar! The post WEBINAR: Tracking Learning Metrics that Matter appeared first on PlatCore, LLC. We will show you ways to align with the larger KPIs of your company, including three case studies for improving: Employee Retention. Risk Compliance.

Webinar Recap: To Weather Turbulent Times, Implement An LMS

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

Not only did their learning management systems enable both agencies to overcome various aspects of COVID-19 disruption, but they were also so effective that they’re now poised to play critical roles in the organizations’ future plans.

Webinar: why customisable learning in CIPHR LMS is key to unlocking L&D in the changing workplace


Join us at 11am on 26 November to discover the benefits of customisable learning with the CIPHR LMS . The webinar will also explore: . The return to work journey for both managers and users . How personalised learning paths can improve employee engagement .

The Ubiquity of Learning Management Systems: Delivering What You Need to Know, on the Go


The Ubiquity of Learning Management Systems: Delivering What You Need to Know, on the Go Published date: September 1, 2016 Home. A dozen or more years ago, the notion of untethering workforce training in order to go mobile with e-learning, compliance and other important enterprise applications was mostly just talk. The development of learning is no longer tied to the desktop, nor should apps have to be viewed as mobile vs. desktop.

Webinar: Customer Exclusive: Benefits Advisor Pro Demo - 2/17 @2PM ET


This session is only for current Paycor Customers Join us for a customer-exclusive virtual tour of Benefits Advisor Pro and learn why it’s time to upgrade. 2PM ET This webinar is exclusively for Paycor Customers.

Webinar: Virtual Demo: Employee Experience Solutions - 4/7 @1PM ET


Paycor’s human capital management software modernizes every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way you pay them, retain them and build a company culture. Establish a learning culture with personalized content for employees.

WEBINAR: Benefits of Native ServiceNow Apps for Federal & State Agencies


This webinar will show how n ative applications: extend this functionality, remove fragile integrations, centralize data and reporting, and improve compliance and accountability. . This webinar will showcase the many benefits of native applications, the ease of procurement and key use cases. . Shawn brings extensive expertise in learning management, ServiceNow HRSD. He currently manages sales of native ServiceNow applications to the Public Sector at Carahsoft.

Webinar: Customer Exclusive: Paycor Benefits Advisor Demo - 3/24 @2PM ET


Kim is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Paycor’s Learning Management solution and is responsible for driving the go-to-market strategy for learning to Paycor’s customer base.

Webinar Recap: Talent Management Strategies for Agencies in Turbulent Times

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

The beginning of a pandemic hardly feels like the best time to introduce a brand new learning management system (LMS), yet for Florida’s Collier County Board of County Commissioners and for Massachusetts’ Department of Transportation (MassDOT), the timing actually worked out.

Webinar: Virtual Demo: Employee Experience Solutions - 2/18 @1PM ET


Paycor’s human capital management software modernizes every aspect of people management, from the way you recruit, onboard and develop people, to the way you pay them, retain them and build a company culture.

Want to find out how an LMS can support remote working? Join our free webinar on 21 May


Watch live at 11am on 21 May or on demand to hear a real CIPHR customer’s experiences of our learning management system, CIPHR Learning. The day after the live broadcast, an on-demand recording will be sent to everyone who registers for the webinar.

Top Benefits Administration Webinars of 2018


There is a lot to manage and prepare for, but with the right plan, you can transform this stressful time of year into the crown jewel of your team’s hard work and showcase your creative benefits strategy. ( Exponential Health Care: How machine learning, AI, and blockchain will affect your healthcare spend and your employees. In this webinar, we discuss the role that mobile devices play in the benefits and HR world.

Effective Manager Development Program at Scale


Building an Effective Manager Development Program. Last month, Everwise hosted a popular webinar on “Effective Manager Development at Scale” with Kim Bolton, Program Director, Leadership Development at Unum Group. She offered to share her expertise with our community on how businesses can build, deliver and scale an effective learning program for manager development. Here are key takeaways from the webinar: The Tradeoff between Quality and Scale.

ATS 116

Building a Learning Culture


Last month, Everwise hosted a webinar on “Building a Learning Culture” with Jeff Diana, the former Chief People Officer of Atlassian & SuccessFactors. He shared his expertise with our community on how to build a learning culture, rooted in the belief that individual growth improves organizational performance. Focusing on career advancement as a company relies on creating a culture of learning, where employees feel they can grow as individuals and in their jobs.

Key to Sustainable Success: Developing Middle Managers


According to census data , retirement rates will increase significantly as the US workforce ages over the next 10 years, resulting in a vacuum within today’s middle management. While managers have been the source of much analysis, the majority of research and writing – whether popular or scholarly – centers either on the C-suite and senior executives or on first-time managers. Importance of Middle Management. The Value of Investing in Your Mid-Level Managers.

Revolutionizing Online Learning with a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)


Her department meeting is that afternoon, but she hasn’t watched the required webinars yet. Which learning do you want to pursue today?”. Learning Management System Versus Learning Experience Platform. The first scenario is common when dealing with a learning management system (LMS)—a static, closed education hub used by many corporations and educational institutions. Enhancing Learning with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Internal Expertise Is an Untapped Learning Resource


While learning programs are going more digital, don’t forget that your company has many internal experts who have knowledge to share. For example, the logistics manager will have insight into how the supply chain affects whether products are delivered on time. When marketing needs to set product launch dates, it’s critical to partner with the logistics manager. What if marketing could get a download from the logistics manager before ever scheduling a meeting?

10 Tips for Putting on a Kick-Butt Virtual Event


Alternatively, can you use your current learning management system and build your event in your current platform? Some people may be used to attending “text ‘n’ next” webinars where they passively sit and listen to someone present.

HR technology disruptions for the year ahead

HR Times

Learn more. While most big companies are now moving to a cloud-based HR system (almost 60 percent of companies have moved to the cloud), the markets for performance management, feedback, engagement, agile goal management, and wellness are all being disrupted. The talent management market continues to grow, and new cloud vendors focused on small businesses are on fire. The learning technology market is undergoing more disruption than I’ve seen in a decade.

Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


Some of them are: Course Management: you can add/remove/edit courses. Learning Paths: You can build Learning Paths according to the students’ needs, and provide a more effective eLearning process. Get access to remote classes, webinars or online company events right from the Learning Management System platform. Zeus Learning. Upside Learning. They are an eLearning company, locates in Mumbai, that offers managed training services.

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A few questions on HR 2.0 (webinar review)

Strategic HCM

Well I found delivering that webinar fun. The problem was, as I explained, that I’m having meetings in Houston at the moment and had to dash back to my room to start the webinar. And then because the organisation and delivery of webinars is still quite new to me, I ended up faffing about, and decided just to focus on my presentation, just so we could start on time. Anyway, the good news is that without the socialness, I managed to cover a lot of ground.

How HR Tech is Making Employees More Engaged Than Ever


And companies that increase their number of talented managers and double the rate of engaged employees achieve, on average, 147% higher earnings per share than their competition. based, full-time employees 75% of employees who were recognized by their manager once a month reported being satisfied with their job. Plus, while many companies have a (even if half-hearted) process in place for manager to direct report recognition (i.e.

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Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, June 22-July 5, 2020

Brandon Hall

The analyst team provides new data and insights on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on human capital management. Other focuses of the past two weeks include women in leadership, a talent-acquisition technology selection guide and profiles of technology providers in learning, talent management, talent acquisition and workforce management. Learning & Development. Talent Management. Workforce Management. Upcoming Webinars.



Additionally, they began to move the corporate training online, taking advantage of all the benefits of e learning. However, to obtain all these benefits, it is necessary that your company choose the right LMS, or Learning Management System, according to its needs.

What Do Broken Windows and Your Learning Experience Have in Common?

Cornerstone On Demand

If you are in the learning space and follow the trends as of late, you’ve seen that the market is shifting from a focus on learning management systems to learning experiences. This assertion is not a dismissal of learning management systems, but more so a focus on the experience that a learner may encounter. The fact remains that regardless of focus, we all have experienced learning to some degree. Is It a Crime to Learn?

Docebo Alternatives


Docebo is a leading e-learning solution for providing training management. Docebo is one of the top-rated SaaS eLearning solutions and features a comprehensive toolkit for companies looking to achieve ease and efficiency in their training management programs. . Introduction.

Top 6 Docebo Alternatives and Docebo Competitors in 2021!


Docebo is a leading e-learning solution for providing training management. Docebo is one of the top-rated SaaS eLearning solutions and features a comprehensive toolkit for companies looking to achieve ease and efficiency in their training management programs. .