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The Role of Technology in Talent Management | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

Talent management refers to your company’s processes for hiring, engaging, developing, and retaining employees and planning for future workforce needs. HR workers per employee. HR workers per employee. Technology automates the boring tasks monopolizing our valuable time and attention so we can regain focus on what matters most.

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Redefining the Organization through the Recruitment System


The recruitment system might seem like a tiny fraction in the corporate chain, but you might be surprised to know that everything else in the company revolves around it– playing a much bigger role that redefines the entire organization. These recruiters comprise your very own HR department. 5 Types of Recruiters.


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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in HR | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

Artificial intelligence (AI) used to sound like futuristic, far-off, and potentially job-stealing technology, but the evolution of HR technology has been fast and furious. It’s important to be aware of what AI does well and where the technology is still lacking.

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10 Best Cloud HR Software Systems in 2022

HR Lineup

Hiring suitable candidates and managing the workforce is among the most challenging tasks in any business since employees’ competency levels determine your business’s productivity. However, there are excellent tools that you can use to streamline the hiring process and ensure you get the right employees.

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10 Best Free Recruiting Software in 2023

Recruiters Lineup

Thankfully, in the digital age, numerous recruiting software solutions are available to streamline the hiring process. Here, we present the “10 Best Free Recruiting Software in 2023” to help you make informed decisions when it comes to your hiring needs.

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Transforming HR: How Technology Can Overcome Common HR Challenges

Hire Talent

In today's rapidly evolving workplace, HR departments face numerous challenges that require innovative solutions. From adapting to new work environments to meeting the expectations of job seekers and navigating an unpredictable labor market, HR professionals have their hands full.

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To Succeed at Talent Acquisition, Go Beyond Your Applicant Tracking System


People are the driving force behind every organization, and hiring the right people is a critical factor for success. Research by Bersin indicated that in 2011, the average cost per hire was already $3,500 —and just three years later in 2014, that figure had grown by 28% to $4,500. Worst of all, they stop tracking at the point of hire.