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The best employee engagement software for 2021

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Employee engagement software helps organizations measure employee sentiment so they can increase engagement and retention. Through surveys and data analysis, these platforms drive insights that can help companies reduce costly turnover and increase overall performance.

Top Modern Performance Management Practices

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How does technology enable high performance? Before finding out how technology can enable high performance , we need to understand the problems with most traditional PM systems. How can technology help businesses? Objectives & Key Results (OKRs).


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KPI vs. OKR: Which is Better?

Possible Works

Even after you set relevant goals, if the right tools and techniques to monitor and track results are missing, the urge to achieve these goals fades. However, the good news is that tools like KPI and OKR are here to make things better. What is KPI or Key Performance Indicator?

Annual Performance Review For Modern Workforce


The ‘ annual performance evaluation ‘ process is vital to an organization to measure productivity and develop ways to achieve better results. Also read: 10 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Methodology.

How to Increase Productivity for Your Remote Workers


The coronavirus crisis has forced the Kazoo team to get aligned and go all in on the technology they need to support their goals — whether they’re remote working or not. These meetings used to take an hour, without many results. 3) Slack and Zoom as communication tools.

How to Build the Perfect Performance Management Process


Training Managers to Excel as Coaches. The performance management process contains three main elements: planning, coaching, and reviewing. By using the right approach and tools for each of them, you’ll gain the best results. Key components. Helpful tools.