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New Hire Orientation vs. Onboarding: A Complete Guide for Employers

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When welcoming new employees into your organization, it’s crucial to provide them with the right guidance and support from day one. Two key processes that help achieve this are new hire orientation and onboarding. It aims to acclimate employees to their new surroundings and create a positive initial experience.

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Guide to Hiring Employees in Egypt

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Hiring employees in Egypt can be a rewarding yet challenging endeavor for businesses looking to expand or establish their presence in the country. However, navigating the intricacies of Egyptian labor laws, cultural norms, and administrative procedures is essential for successful recruitment and employee management.


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Guide to Hiring Employees in Bulgaria

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This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the key aspects involved in hiring employees in Bulgaria. Labour laws in Bulgaria are designed to regulate the relationship between employers and employees, ensuring fair and just treatment in the workplace. What are the Labour Laws in Bulgaria?

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Tips For HR To Boost Up A Startup’s Growth

HR Management

Startups have a challenging road and a heavy workload, and finding the time to create a good HR strategy for a startup’s growth while managing daily operations can be challenging. The KPI (key performance indicator) for each employee’s job may be determined by HR, who can also establish a strategy for them.

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How to Create an Employee Handbook: 7 Key Components


Quick look: A thorough, regularly updated employee handbook can provide clarity to staff, reiterate the company’s culture and values, and protect the organization during conflict. Company missions and values Your company’s mission and value statements should be front and center within your employee handbook.

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What are HR onboarding best practices?

Best Of HR

What are the HR onboarding best practices for new employees? From having a great preboarding game plan to allowing new employees to shadow senior management, here are the 13 answers to the question, “What are the best practices for the HR onboarding process of new employees?”

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Streamline Onboarding: 9 Must-Have Documents for New Hires [Guest Post]


The hard work of advertising and interviewing is over—but a lot more admin comes with welcoming a new employee. Onboarding involves much more than orientation, although it’s important to welcome the new hire and show them the ropes. Onboarding documents are equally crucial to the process.