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Artificial Intelligence: What HR Pros Can Do to Prepare For the Future

HR Bartender

Employee Engagement: Pulse Surveys and Feedback Analysis : AI tools can analyze employee feedback from surveys, performance reviews, and other sources to provide insights into engagement levels and areas for improvement. disparate impact and age discrimination). In fact, the U.S. AI should never go unchecked. Last question.

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Protect Your Firm with Law Firm Insurance


This coverage will be able to cover your legal defense costs and expenses related to trials (e-discovery, expert witnesses, etc.), as well as damages or settlements awarded against your firm. . In the Cyber Security Threat Trends 2021 report by Cisco, 86% of organizations had at least one user try to connect to a phishing site.

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WIRTW #409 (the “thank you” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Yesterday morning, I presented Everything You Need to Know About Cyber Security (in 30 minutes). Discrimination. You guys don’t have to let employees pray to a Flying Spaghetti Monster. Nursing Manager, Removed from Patient Case, Seeks Supreme Court Review in Discrimination Case — via Employment Law Lookout.