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How to train your successor


Now you’re looking ahead to your own retirement or a promotion. The exact timing depends on how much time there is before the transition. In a perfect world, you would have six months to a year to train your next-in-line before you move on to a new role or retire.

New Technologies in Employee Training

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As the company expects that in the next decade, older employees would be retiring, thus the need to close the gap, for younger employees, in skills acquisition. Download our eBook on Learning and Development Trends and find out how technology enables continuous learning in organizations.

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How to support working parents at every stage of a child’s life


Time off or a flexible schedule: Pregnancy includes many trips to the doctor. In the case of adoptions, allot time for site visits, court proceedings or other legal procedures. Assure employees that their time off and absences will be excused and communicated to other fellow employees. Explain your company’s family leave and paid time off (PTO) policy and how much time they are entitled to take off under the Family Medical Leave Act or equivalent laws at the state level.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


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Complete Guide to a Successful Company Newsletter [with Templates]


Choose about five questions to use every time, and simply email the employee to get answers and a picture to go with the post. Retirements. Try to get plenty of pictures and maybe a few quotes from employees who attended the events. Company Name] News” works every time.

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Small Business War Stories Podcast – All Episodes


June 27th, 2018 Biscuit Press: Turning a Passion for Art into a Booming Career in Austin, TX | Dan Grissom On this episode of Small Business War Stories, we are joined by Dan Grissom of Biscuit Press , a company he started to become a full-time freelance illustrator and screen printer. Dave has been podcasting for 13 years, so when his friend and long-time business partner Shannon Jean shared his idea for the Small Business Show, Dave loved it.

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