Sat.Jun 15, 2024

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What is Full-Service Hiring? All You Need to Know


Have you felt stressed out by the hiring process? According to a survey, 67% of HR professionals face challenges, in identifying candidates. Searching for talent can be quite time-consuming, involving tasks like reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and managing the onboarding process, all of which can add pressure to your busy schedule. This is where full-service hiring steps in.

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Creating a Happy Workplace: 11 Actionable Ways

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Creating a happy workplace is the key to growth. It is extreamly important for organizations ot invest and time and effort to create a happy and cheerful work culture so that employess are more engaged with the core objective. We recently published this workplace stress statistics report. According to studies, as much as 83% of US workers experience stress at the workplace.


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Fathers, Fairness and Flexibility


Fathers, Fairness and Flexibility– Bringing You Up to Speed on Paternity Rights In a timely MAD-HR blog, with the UK marking Father’s Day on Sunday 16th June, our experts have … The post Fathers, Fairness and Flexibility appeared first on MAD-HR.

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The Expiration of the US Petrodollar: Why It Should Matter to HR Leaders

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Discover why the expiration of the US petrodollar system could reshape workforce management in the long term and learn strategic HR responses to navigate this transformative shift.

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New Report from 3,500+ Employers Confirms Retention is a Top HR Priority in 2024

The first report from Gallagher’s 2024 US Workforce Trends Report Series, includes data from 3,500+ employers who participated in the 2024 US Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey. The report provides benchmarks for benefits, HR and people strategies to help organizations thrive. Organizations continue to rank retention as the top priority for HR, and second highest for operations.

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Executive Search Trends Report [06.15.2024]

Thrive TRM

Through the first two months of Q2, executive search volume has held on a MoM basis, projecting for a flat quarter and modest 3% growth versus Q2 2023. The sustained volume is a positive development for a market that’s swiftly countered its ups with downs over the last year. If the trend holds, Q2 2024 will be the third consecutive quarter in which demand for executive talent grew—something we haven’t seen since the ramp up to peak hiring volumes in 2021/2022.

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Supreme Court Decision in Favor of Starbucks in Unionization Case

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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled the decision in favor of Starbucks on Thursday in a challenge against a labor ruling by a federal judge. This Starbucks union ruling makes it more difficult for a key federal agency to intervene when a company is accused of illegally suppressing labor organizing. By siding on Thursday with Starbucks in the coffee chain’s challenge to a judicial order to rehire seven Memphis employees fired as they sought to unionize in a ruling that could make it harder for cou