Sat.Apr 13, 2024

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Boosting Employee Engagement and Retention in Manufacturing


Employee engagement and retention play a pivotal role in the success of any organization, and manufacturing companies are no exception. In this article, we’ll delve into strategies to enhance employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and create a positive work environment within manufacturing organizations. Additionally, we’ll emphasize the importance of capturing employee feedback and how it contributes to overall employee experience.

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10 Best LMS Platforms to Create Employee Training Courses

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What is a Corporate Learning Management System (LMS)? Software platforms known as corporate learning management systems (LMS) provide the administration and delivery of training programs to company employees. By consolidating all training resources (such as assessments) into one place, these systems aim to make training and development more efficient.


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Silence the Squabbles: Your Guide to Conflict Resolution Strategies

HR Digest

Does your office sound more like a boxing ring than a boardroom? Is someone on your team always throwing shade? Disagreements are inevitable, but letting them fester can cripple productivity. Learn how to spot the early signs of conflict and use effective communication techniques to resolve conflicts in the workplace before they escalate. This guide equips you with essential conflict resolution strategies to navigate disagreements, build stronger teams, and create a harmonious work environment.

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Overcoming Career and Life Plateaus 

HR C-Suite

Find ways to unlock your full potential and chart a course towards a more fulfilling and empowered life and career.

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Creating a Company Culture of Care: Integrating Mental Health, Wellbeing, and DEI in Benefits

Speaker: Sean Raible

Picture a workplace where physiological safety is not just an aim but a reality, driven by thoughtful employee benefits that prioritize mental health, wellbeing, and DEI. 🤔 ✨ Achieving this vision requires more than just occasional training sessions and employee assistance programs. Moving beyond the basics, this vision calls for a holistic approach that integrates these elements into your company culture as well as your HR and benefits strategy.

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Matrix Organizational Structure: Meaning, Types and Benefits


A matrix organization lies between a functional organizational structure and a project-based one; it involves the features of both types. Initially developed in the 1970s to address the complexities of large-scale projects, this structure has since become a popular framework in various industries, particularly in the technology, engineering, and healthcare sectors.