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5 Hiring and Retention Strategies for Healthcare | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

Even today, McKinsey reports that 40% of RNs working in direct patient care say they plan to leave their jobs — a number that rose 5% from fall 2022 to March 2023. So how are HR professionals responding to the volatile market? We’ll also look at winning strategies health systems use for hiring and retention.

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How to Solve Hiring Problems in Manufacturing with Employee Recognition

Semos Cloud

Category All, Best Practices How to Solve Hiring Problems in Manufacturing with Employee Recognition The state of the manufacturing workforce is changing faster than ever. If manufacturing companies want to win the war for talent, they have to fundamentally change how they approach Employee Experience. A change has to happen.


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HR Tech: What it is and How it Can Help HR Departments in 2024


Today, there’s technology to help make just about every aspect of our lives easier - and human resources is no exception. From talent management to benefits to analytics, there’s HR tech for just about everything. Make compliance easier: HR tech can help ensure that companies are following all the relevant labor laws.

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What’s Keeping HR Up at Night in 2020?


But regardless of what those numbers reflect, HR professionals continue to worry about maintaining a skilled workforce. 1 issue among HR professionals in the last three consecutive HRE surveys was employee engagement; last year was the first time that retaining key talent tied for the top spot. So, what changed?

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How to Build a Staffing Model for Your Business


A staffing model helps the HR department envision its future staffing needs and build a roadmap to fulfill them promptly. A staffing model helps address the skill gaps by comparing the skills of the current resources and the skills they actually require to reach their goals. This is where a staffing model can help.

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5 Best HRIS and HCM Systems List


With so many HRIS options available, knowing which system is right for you and your company’s needs is critical. To help you choose, we’ve put together a best HCM and HRIS systems list. If you’re in Human Resources, chances are you’ve heard of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management systems.

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Redefining Compensation: Cultivating Success Through Progressive Remuneration Strategies


Implementing performance-based rewards requires a credible system to evaluate and appropriately reward employee performance. These extra perks are given as a reward for exceptional performance and include offerings like health insurance, company cars, pension plans, and childcare support. Allowances for vehicles.