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Who Owns Retention? The REAL Employee Turnover Problem


What’s the biggest problem when it comes to employee turnover? No one owns retention! At many companies, when turnover rises executives point to HR to fix it – whose plate is already overflowing with terminations, payroll, benefits management, and back-fill recruiting. What Is a Retention Specialist Exactly?

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Top Employee Engagement Tools (Detailed Comparison)

Vantage Circle

Employee engagement tool helps measure or boost employee engagement that in turn will improve the productivity and efficiency of the employees and reduce staff turnover. Features of Employee Engagement Tools. Employee perks: Employee discounts. Employee Recognition.


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Employee expectations are shifting. Can you meet them?

PI Worldwide

We know the stats: 48% of employees have thought about changing careers in the past year. In some companies, turnover has shot above 30%. But it’s not just companies that are facing turnoveremployee expectations are evolving too. Employees today aren’t just looking for a fatter paycheck. Others like collaboration.

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4 Benefits of Employee Rewards for a Business & Examples of Companies Implementing Them


Money, freedom, and other concerns fade away, only to let the recognition emerge as a clear and thumping motivator. And as nothing can validate and publicize the employee recognition more joyously and memorably than rewards, rewarding is to a motivation game what fuel is to the engine.