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Why Employees Appraisal Systems Should Measure Profit Per Employee

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Mckinsey was one of the first to recognize this a decade ago in their landmark white paper, ‘ The new metrics of corporate performance: Profit per employee’. It’s vital that HR teams select performance evaluation software that is designed to output team and employee profitability metrics.

“Work Sucks,” Says Ex-Google HR Head: 6 Tips to Change That

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“Work sucks,” says Laszlo Bock —Google’s SVP of People Operations from 2005 to 2016—speaking at the SHRM 2017 Conference. If they’re falling short of that metric, take more time to find the right people, even if the hiring manager says it can’t wait.

10 HR Leaders Anyone in Talent Management Should Follow on LinkedIn


If employee engagement is a useful metric by which to judge a CHRO’s performance, then Becker scores at the top. Founded in Romania in 2005, UiPath is now a $7 billion dollar global organization with a focus on robotic process automation software. “Our biggest asset is our people.”