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100 SHRM Chapter Seminar Program Ideas


I’m working to republish the free Rock Your Chapter eBook , and these are updates I expect to include in the new version. Hands off: supervisor training essentials. How to keep people awake in training (without using coffee). 13 insights you can get from HR metrics. The Next Generation: Moving from metrics to analytics. Why you need to train your supervisors. Anylearning: How to encourage employees by offering non-work related training.

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The Key to Strategic HR: You Must Be a Strong, Capable Business Partner

TLNT: The Business of HR

Understand the business metrics (such as profit, margin, ROI, free cash flow productivity) and what drives them. For example, if your company uses Total Shareholder Return (TSR ) as a key performance metric, the HR leader should know the specific metrics that drive TSR.

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The Essential Step-by-Step Guide To Creating A Successful Customer Engagement Strategy, Part 4 of 4

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Step 5: Identify key metrics. These metrics can be things like total sales revenue, profit, customer satisfaction ratings, or other pieces of data that are important to your business. These metrics should also be clearly quantifiable in order to measure progress towards the goal.

How the Right HR Policies Can Help You Retain Talent and Reduce Turnover

Unicorn HRO

According to a 2015 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, many employees do not feel that they are valued by their employer when they consider their value to the organization. Learn more about creating a positive culture at work in our free ebook!

Beyond Diversity: Creating an Inclusive Workplace


As of 2015, working millennials number over 53.5 Leaders most likely will need training and guidance to overcome unconscious biases they have and hold a space for diversity of thought. This training can also be integrated into existing development programs for managers, which gives an additional bonus of helping with retention. Learn more about building a diverse and inclusive culture by downloading our ebook, Talent Crisis: Diverse and Inclusive Culture.

Hiring the Wrong Salesperson is a $2-Million Mistake

HR Daily Advisor

It isn’t just a matter of salary and training—it can mean an average of $2 million in lost sales. Typical cost to hire a new salesperson is about $15,000 in hiring costs, plus $20,000 in training, plus an average first-year salary and incentives at $75,000.

Outfit your HR Department with Advice from a Chemist Turned HR Leader


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