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PayScale Tools for Today's Comp Pro! Compensation Glossary: Part 1 of 4

Compensation Today

Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional Even the most seasoned HR professional might take a big gulp if approached by their CEO to take charge of anything comp. PayScale has you covered in our new, 4-part Comp Glossary.

21 fresh employee engagement ideas

Compensation Today

According to PayScale’s 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report , unsatisfactory pay is the main reason people leave companies, which is no doubt why 63 percent of employers said a primary compensation objective is “retaining top employees.” Tess C.

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5 Steps to Creating a Merit Matrix

Compensation Today

Let’s say your company has a robust performance management process in which employees are rated on series of categories/metrics and their overall score is an average of all scores in each category, usually carried out two decimal places (i.e.

Make Your Compensation Work Across Generations

HR Daily Advisor

In yesterday’s Advisor , we looked at the first two of Payscale’s five compensation tips for workers at all stages of their careers, referencing their report, Compensation Challenges for a Multi-Generational Workforce. ” Recruiting is a challenge for 2015.

Hiring the Wrong Salesperson is a $2-Million Mistake

HR Daily Advisor

It isn’t just a matter of salary and training—it can mean an average of $2 million in lost sales. Typical cost to hire a new salesperson is about $15,000 in hiring costs, plus $20,000 in training, plus an average first-year salary and incentives at $75,000.