7 Skills HR Technologists Will Need in the Next Eight Years


This has been true as long as the workplace has existed, but what has changed is how fast technology is disrupting the way we live and work. Among their findings were five forces that shape the future of work, and technology featured prominently in at least three of these forces.

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Why Employee Health is Your Company’s Business

HR Daily Advisor

annually until the year 2026 [i] , supporting employee health is now every company’s business. Almost 75% of people surveyed had a “health problem that could become serious if not addressed by changes in their diet.” at Health Change Guru and Change BITES, LLC. [i]

Top People Analytics Articles for Spring 2018: A Fresh Take on Actionable People Data


For this season’s collection of top people analytics articles, we look at what analytics teams must do to link people data with business outcomes. How People Analytics Supports Change Management. Change management.