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11 Things You Need to Know About Generation Z

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Most commonly referred to as Generation Z, there are many other monikers given to this generation, including Digital Natives, Globals, Post-Millennials, Millennials-On-Steroids, iGeneration, Plurals, The Homeland Generation, Centennials , and Delta Generation, or Deltas.

Why Companies Need to Build a Skills Inventory

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Free-form keywords aren’t reliable, because someone might refer to a certain skill using one term, while someone else might call it something different. One person’s “coding” might be another person’s “software writing,” for instance.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #238: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

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FM:Systems Announces Plan to Acquire Asure Software’s Workspace Management Portfolio Link ». 00:04:11] I would say to what’s going on over with Skillsoft some total as well as Cornerstone OnDemand with the sort of personalized development plans program.

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