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Tech is the Trend

HRO Today

Mass hiring is underway in Southeast Asia and leaders are looking to fill technology rolls in AI, cyber security, analytics, and other up-and-coming technologies. Whilst historic tech advancements remain the focal point of post-pandemic hiring trends, it is also the common denominator in the areas most affecting HR.

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Up the value chain – Increasing agency returns through deal-making


Another type of deal-making has seen agencies alter the standard agency model by positioning themselves as outsourced HR service providers, and then going on to sign deals to either completely replace or supplement a client’s in-house HR function. Our software simplifies timesheets, invoicing and payments.

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People Analytics and Driving Growth – Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement


The following is a series of case studies in which people analytics was applied as part of a strategy with a particular HR function. Talent Acquisition LinkedIn0 provides a fair share of resources to the HR professional, but it is also company in need of solutions. It is, however, another tool in the HR professional’s tool box.