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How to prevent cyber security risks for businesses


There are many cyber security risks for businesses. Here's how you can teach employees to know what to look out for—and protect your organization against cyber threats. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. However, how cyber security training is done is just as important as the training itself.

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Is cyber security HR’s problem?

LACE Partners

Hybrid and remote working more prevalent, more and more businesses are re-evaluating how much focus cyber security should have. Is cyber security top of the agenda? Onboarding. Organisations need to develop an in-depth onboarding programme. The post Is cyber security HR’s problem?


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4 Ways HR Can Help Build a Cyber-Secure Culture


As this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness month draws to a close, and while you finish cleaning up all the mess from your cyber party celebrations, we wanted to help you answer one question: How can HR buddy up with IT to foster a “security culture” in the workplace? Help IT get buy-in from employees.

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5 Bots Every Business Needs in 2024

The Bot Platform

Employee Onboarding Onboarding serves as an employee’s initial interaction with a company, and as the adage goes, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” However, a significant gap exists between the potential benefits of onboarding and the reality many employees face.

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Employee Onboarding vs. Training: The Purpose of Each and Virtue of Both


As an HR representative or hiring manager invested in the employee onboarding process , you’re charged with checking all the proverbial boxes when bringing new hires on board. Understanding the nuances of onboarding vs. training can help you avoid common mistakes that affect employee retention rates and more.

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8 Ways The Bot Platform is Helping Companies Become More Efficient

The Bot Platform

2) Onboarding New Starters According to research by Glassdoor , organisations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and 49% of employees who go through effective onboarding report contributing to their team within the first week!

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How Apprenticeship Programs Can Play an Important Role In Career Development

Thrive Global

These range from digital and data analytics to cloud migration to cyber-security work – all areas, as you can see, are likely to be in demand for some time. There are more resources than are given on an onboarding slide. Accenture has countless resources for countless topics. Be willing to look.