What GE, Accenture, Adobe and Microsoft Have in Common


by Lynette Silva. Recognize This! More and more companies are turning a critical eye on the traditional annual performance review process as the primary means for employee feedback. This month, Derek Irvine (our chief blogger here on Recognize This!

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Why HR Is Obsessed With Employee Performance Check-Ins


Adobe’s evolved performance management program is aptly named the Check-in. Adobe does not require check-ins to follow specific time frame, but allows the process to be fully manager-driven. Performance Management adobe check in employee check in performance

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At least compared to Adobe’s and mine. And remember Adobe and Red Branch Media…same. 6Things #6ThingsYouNeedtoKnow HR #GirlBoss Adobe career builder Interns Maren Hogan monster SnapchatReady to fill out your SNAPlication? That’s what one company is doing to bring a new and let’s face it, exhausting twist to the already overburdened and under effective application. But hey, at least the marketing department gets to make a new custom filter!

The 8 Fatal Flaws of Performance Management

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Adobe did it. Gap, Netflix, and GE are doing it. Best Practices Evaluations, Reviews & Appraisal Forced Ranking HR Communications HR Insights HR Management Organizational Leadership Performance & Personality Performance Management Talent Management Featured

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The importance of your Learning Culture and Experience

Join Jesse Novak, Adobe eLearning Evangelist, in exploring thoughts on Learning Cultures inside organizations and how these are impacted by the learning experience.

Should You Get Rid of Performance Reviews?

Halogen Talent Managment

With powerhouse companies like Adobe, GE, and Accenture making public splashes about their organization’s decision to dump the annual performance review, you may be wondering if your organization should follow suit

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Performance Reviews: Why Once A Year Isn’t Enough

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Accenture, Adobe, Deloitte, Gap and Microsoft are just a few of the big names that have upgraded their people management processes based on real-time feedback.

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How to Run an Employee Social Media Ambassador Program


Adobe. Adobe’s employee social media efforts took shape when one staff member, advocating for the company on social media, drove more revenue for the business than any of the Adobe-branded social media accounts, writes Lydia Abbot, Associate Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn.

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How to Leverage Learning and Development to Improve Employee Engagement


Following, we have pulled a few highlights from the article to help you gain some inspiration for your business: Adobe’s focus on quality content. Adobe focuses on learning and development opportunities through its Learning@Adobe program.

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4 Reasons to Replace Performance Reviews With Frequent Feedback


As those of us in the HR space know, there’s been a revolution brewing for a while, with companies like Deloitte, Microsoft, Adobe, and Accenture doing away with their review systems, well before the end of last […] Source. 2016 might be remembered as the year we heard the death rattle of the traditional annual performance review.

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The Importance of Employee Appraisals


GE, Adobe and Deloitte recently announced they are abandoning their performance reviews for more one-on-one interactions. Though they will continue to do annual or bi-annual compensation and promotion processes, they want to move towards more ongoing discussions and feedback with employees. Following suit are the likes of Microsoft, Dell, Accenture and New York Life. Why … Continue reading The Importance of Employee Appraisals.

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How To Create A Structure For Unstructured Innovation


An important aspect of each of these examples is that the business not only gives its employees time to work on these projects, but also provides them with innovation frameworks, and in Adobe’s case, also with some basic funding to do research and prototyping.

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3 Alternatives to the Annual Performance Review

Halogen Talent Managment

The decision made by several big name companies like Adobe, GE, and Accenture to ditch their annual reviews made a big public splash and got many HR professionals wondering… is time to follow suit? The death of the annual performance review was a hot topic in 2015.

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Something to Cry About—25% of Employees Have Left a Performance Review Crying

HR Daily Advisor

A recent Adobe survey has found that 25% of employees have left a performance review in tears. However, the Adobe survey finds that 41% of workers would switch jobs to a company that didn’t have a formal review process, even if the pay and job level were the same.

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Are Annual Performance Appraisals Enough?


Other prominent organizations, such as Microsoft and Adobe , have also chosen to conduct assessments that are more consistent, in hopes of improving employee engagement and satisfaction. The VP of HR for Adobe referred to annual appraisals as “a process that looks in the rear-view mirror, that’s focused on what you’ve done a year ago.

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This may surprise you: How much employees hate traditional performance reviews

HR Morning

In a recent survey by Adobe , 22% of employees admitted to crying as a result of a performance review. Adobe collected responses from 1,500 office workers. For a visual representation of some of Adobe’s findings, check out the its infographic below: Source: Adobe.

4 Customer Service Trends That Set Companies Apart

OmegaHR Solutions

Let’s say you buy a copy of Adobe Photoshop and aren’t sure how certain functions work in the newest version. That’s why companies like Adobe are taking the trend in-house by building their own content to help users along the way.

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3 Ways to Fix Performance Management


According to Donna Morriss , the SVP of People and Places at Adobe, the implementation of the Check-In process has resulted in significantly increased on-going development amongst employees and improved leadership from managers.

Intrapreneurship: From Out-of-the-Box Thinking To Strategic Opportunity


Balmaekers explained, “Adobe’s Kickbox program is an excellent example of what happens when intrapreneurship is nurtured. By removing as much red tape as possible, Adobe dramatically increased the diversity of inputs that reach the top of its innovation funnel. The lone wolf.

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4 Links to inspire innovation during employee appreciation week—and all year long


How Adobe kickstarts innovation from its employees – Fortune. Innovation is all around us, yet it’s not always so easy to uncover. Organizations have the opportunity every day to promote a culture of recognition and inspire innovation from employees.

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$415 Million Settlement Proposed to Settle Anti-Poaching Suit

TLNT: The Business of HR

Apple, Google, Intel Corp and Adobe Systems agreed to the amount in a court filing yesterday. A $415 million settlement proposed by four tech giants could become one of the largest anti-poaching awards if a federal judge approves.

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Work/Life ‘Innovation’ in the Valley

HRE's The Leader Board

Indeed, representatives from Adobe, Yahoo! But that said, it’s clearly something companies such as Adobe, Yahoo! based Adobe Systems, “people were not taking time-off. In response, Garcia said, Adobe revisited its program and implemented an unlimited time-off program.

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6 Reasons Why Fortune 500 Companies Are Replacing the Traditional Performance Review

HR Daily Advisor

Unsurprisingly technology firms such as Dell, Adobe, and Microsoft are leading the way. For further reading, discover why Adobe, Deloitte, and Accenture ditched the annual review process in this white paper from Impraise. Theoretically, performance management should happen every day.

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How Accenture Eliminated Annual Performance Reviews


Accenture is the latest to join the crop of organizations including Adobe, Microsoft, and Deloitte, that have all moved away from traditional performance reviews, all of which are leading the revolution towards a more engaged workforce. .

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4 Essential Trends at HCI’s 2017 Performance Management Innovation Conference


Especially if ratings are dropped from performance management, as companies from Adobe to Goldman Sachs are doing, managers need to have both the career and compensation discussion with employees. The theme at Human Capital Institute’s conference on performance management innovation this year is “feed forward, not feedback.”

7 More Fascinating Employee Engagement Trends For 2017


Over the past few years we have seen giants like Adobe, GE, and Microsoft make these transformations and that trend will likely continue.

CHART OF THE DAY: All the places you can't stop emailing

Steve Boese

Today's CHART OF THE DAY comes to us courtesy of the folks at Adobe, who recently shared some results from their second annual consumer email survey. Per the Adobe survey, the typical white collar worker is spending 17% more time on email compared to last year, and despite this increase in time spent with email, (and email volume), almost half of all workers expect a response to a work-related email in less than one hour.

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R.I.P. Annual Performance Review. Now what?


Adobe : SHRM recently covered the shift at Adobe from an annual forced ranking to “more-frequent, informal conversations between managers and employees—minus the annual ratings.” Why @generalelectric, @microsoft, @adobe, and @google ditched annual performance reviews Click To Tweet.

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Why This Political Empowerment Startup Put Values First


Henry was previously the head of technology at Behance, a design social network now owned by Adobe, that is known for its strong values. When is the right time to set company values? “Yesterday,” many founders will say.

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Is it Time to Ditch the Performance Review?

HR Daily Advisor

Companies like Adobe ® , Microsoft ® , IBM, Deloitte, Dell, General Electric have opted for informal, regular check-ins between employees and their managers. We’re in the midst of a revolution, where more than one-third of U.S. companies are replacing traditional annual performance reviews.

The Advance Of Open Innovation


But at the same time they developed a variety of technologies, from Ethernet to Adobe Postscript, that didn’t jive with the Xerox business model.

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Is Your Performance Management System Designed for Organizational Success?

ATD Human Capital

Morris of Adobe says the company has not moved away from performance-driven rewards, but rather away from rewards based on rankings and ratings. Performance management success depends on having a clear purpose and overcoming misalignment barriers.

You’re Not Leveraging Your Biggest Marketing Asset – Here’s Why

SAP Innovation

Adobe. Adobe is an amazing example of a company that gets social media right. A case study that was done on Adobe in mid-2014 found that: Social media influences 20% of subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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IBM Is Shifting Performance Reviews to Real-Time Feedback


IBM joins GE , Adobe and Accenture in the shift from annual performance reviews. In the past few years, IBM has evolved from a hardware leader to an innovator in cloud-based software. Developing the talents of its more than 377,000 employees through this change is now a focus and starting last summer, the company set out to replace annual performance reviews with something better. The existing system was in place for more than a decade, and was called Personal Business Commitments.

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Why Businesses Must Self-Disrupt to Thrive in the Digital Age


Adobe is a classic example of a business looking disruption straight in the eye. The old model was preventing Adobe from keeping its product, and more importantly customers, up-to-date with the most innovative software tools for their work. As Dan Cohen, vice president, Adobe, explained to McKinsey , “Moving to the cloud affected how we engineered the products, our operations, and our go-to-market and business models.

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Goldman Sachs Will Keep Performance Reviews, But Do Away With Ratings


Adobe and Microsoft, who have announced they no longer rate employees in performance appraisals, Goldman Sachs told employees it would remove the nine-point rating scale from its annual performance review. Following the example of Gap Inc., The review would also move up to the summer instead of fall, to give employees more time to improve before bonuses are decided.

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