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How one company created a four-day workweek program that works for its employees

HR Brew

Corporate employees, Hill said, typically found it easier to take Fridays off, while non-corporate employees, including performance coaches, dieticians, and physical therapists who work with the company’s staff and clients —among them Pfizer, Adobe, and Humana—in 13 countries, needed more wiggle room. “We

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The Employee Development Honor Roll: Adobe


Adobe solved for this in two ways. Applying a structure around these check-ins allows Adobe to ensure managers are arming employees will all the information they need to be successful. Adobe managers perform these employee check ins in the context of role expectations. Here’s why. Expectations. Employees are happy.

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Why Adobe Ditched It’s Annual Performance Reviews


In HR circles, it’s common knowledge as to why Adobe ditched it’s annual performance reviews. The general consensus is that Adobe let them go because they were ineffective, time-consuming and not to mention, complex. The whole pushback against […].

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5 Ways Using Adobe Document Cloud Makes Your HR Function Look Best in Breed

The HR Capitalist

You should use Adobe Sign as part of your HR practice and infrastructure. . For the uninitiated, Adobe Sign is the world`s most trusted e-signature solution, providing the easiest signing experience, effortless mobility, and unsurpassed security. . That’s where the Adobe Sign solution starts to make a lot of sense.

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Adobe is doubling down on voice interfaces

Fast Company The Future of Work

At its annual MAX conference this week, Adobe announced it’s now integrating voice prototyping inside of its design software application XD, enabling designers to layer voice experiences right on top of visual interfaces as they build them. Voice simply becomes another type of interaction you can add to your prototype.

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Mastering Legal Billing: Tips for Hiring the Right Candidates

Professional Alternatives

Adobe Acrobat is often utilized by billing clerks to create and edit PDF documents. Proficiency in Adobe Acrobat ensures that billing documents are accurately presented and easily accessible. They should also be proficient in utilizing Outlook’s calendar and scheduling features to effectively manage appointments and deadlines.

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What Google, Adobe, and Cargill Changed About Their Performance Management Strategies

HR Daily Advisor

Adobe is an interesting case to look at from a Performance Management perspective. Adobe famously removed all formal performance management from the company, touting the labor-intensive nature of annual reviews and the copious time performance management takes as the reasons for its abandonment of traditional performance management.

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