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How one company created a four-day workweek program that works for its employees

HR Brew

Corporate employees, Hill said, typically found it easier to take Fridays off, while non-corporate employees, including performance coaches, dieticians, and physical therapists who work with the company’s staff and clients —among them Pfizer, Adobe, and Humana—in 13 countries, needed more wiggle room. “We

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The Employee Development Honor Roll: Adobe


Adobe solved for this in two ways. Applying a structure around these check-ins allows Adobe to ensure managers are arming employees will all the information they need to be successful. Adobe managers perform these employee check ins in the context of role expectations. Here’s why. Expectations. Employees are happy.

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Bersin: These are the 2 disruptions revolutionizing coaching


The availability and use of coaching is at an all-time high , thanks to AI, skills taxonomies, online video and the power of social networks. In the past, coaching was typically limited to senior executives because the per-hour cost was so high. Advertisement Coaching does make a difference.

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What Google, Adobe, and Cargill Changed About Their Performance Management Strategies

HR Daily Advisor

Google launched “Project Oxygen” in order to assess how its managers were doing and to suggest future training and coaching when inadequacies were uncovered by the performance management process. Project Oxygen uncovered 8 traits that Google managers, ranked in order of importance, must possess: Be a good coach. With What Results?

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Incorporating AI for Businesses: A Small Business Perspective

Center for Coaching

This is pivotal for clients which means it is smart for coaches to be aware of how it works. Generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Adobe Firefly , revolutionize content creation, offering: Automated content for marketing. These applications are increasingly common for coaches who are building their brand.

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3 Key Ways Learning Benefits the Business

Linkedin Talent Blog

That’s been the case for Adobe , which launched its Leadership Circles Program in 2013 to diversify Adobe’s leadership pipeline , particularly within the sales division. They join small peer-based groups, where they support and coach one another. Every year, 150 women are nominated to the program.

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How to be a Good Internal Consultant

Workplace Psychology

Additionally, several core consulting skills (AIMC, 2017) are needed, such as business acumen, business process optimization, change management, coaching & consulting skills, and project management. Compass: Your Guide for Leadership Development and Coaching. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Biech, E., & Hallenbeck, G.