[Video] HighGround Customer Story: Patagonia


When they decided they wanted to make a change, Patagonia implemented HighGround to help them better develop its workforce. In this video, Dean talks about the importance of transparency around goal-setting and coaching and how HighGround is driving better employee engagement.

[Video] HighGround Customer Story: LRW


It turned to HighGround to help re-tool performance management from an annual, dreaded process to more continuous, real-time feedback and coaching. The post [Video] HighGround Customer Story: LRW appeared first on HighGround.

And the Winner of the HighGround Scholarship is…


Congratulations to Jerry Chiang of UC Berkeley, who is the inaugural winner of the HighGround Scholarship! Earlier this year, we announced the HighGround scholarship to learn more about how today’s college students understand workplace culture. As an HR tool, HighGround is highly invested in understanding the mindset of the future leaders of the HR industry. The post And the Winner of the HighGround Scholarship is… appeared first on HighGround.

Hello from HighGround! Meet Alyssa Venere Braun


At HighGround, we take diversity seriously, and today we’re giving you a prime example: Alyssa Venere Braun. but Alyssa shares why she did and what she loves about her job, HighGround and the HR tech space. What attracted you to HighGround? How much HighGround values curiosity, grit and rolling with the punches. I lead our Strike Team, which is HighGround’s first line of defense against defects and bugs that may pop up across our platform.

HighGround’s Top 5 Must-Read Blog Posts of 2018


That’s where HighGround comes in. The post HighGround’s Top 5 Must-Read Blog Posts of 2018 appeared first on HighGround. The world of HR moves fast. While workforce trends come and go, it doesn’t change the fact that today’s highly competitive business environment means that employee performance is more important than ever. HR leaders must do everything in their power to create environments where employees can thrive and perform at high levels.

Hello from HighGround! Meet Gina Slesar


How well do you know the people behind HighGround? Today we cornered Gina Slesar for her thoughts on working at HighGround. How’d you get your start at HighGround? I joined HighGround in February 2015. I researched some local startups and found HighGround.

Introducing HighGround Gmail and Outlook Integrations


At HighGround, business integrations are a core part of our strategy and our mantra of “live where they work” is a guiding principle for addressing this fundamental user experience challenge. The HighGround, Gmail and Outlook plug-ins are simply the newest way we’re making this happen.

On International Women’s Day, HighGround Leaders are Trailblazers


However two HighGround leaders, Chief Customer & Technology Officer Anjoo Rai-Marchant and Chief Engagement Officer Andee Harris, recently shared their viewpoints on how gender equality in the workplace means women and men work to support one another to produce the best work.

Hello from HighGround! Meet Clare Tuchscherer


Learn more about her life inside and outside of HighGround. What brought you to HighGround? A former colleague had started working at HighGround and told me that I just had to apply. Once I heard what HighGround did I thought to myself, nope, I don’t get coached as often as I should, I don’t get feedback, I’m not recognized when I feel like I should be. Tell us a bit about your everyday life at HighGround. The post Hello from HighGround!

The Performance Management Market Shakes: YouEarnedIt Acquires HighGround

Josh Bersin

As I described in an article a few weeks ago, innovation in performance management reigns. The annual appraisal is going the way of the dinosaur and almost every company I talk with is focusing on.

5 Questions with HighGround CEO Andee Harris


Things have been in full swing over here at HighGround since CEO Andee Harris took the helm, so much so that we haven’t had time to stop and introduce her on the blog. Andee celebrated her two-year HighGround anniversary last month and was previously our Chief Engagement Officer.

Unveiling the HighGround Performance Management Data Study


To help understand these differences and commonalities, HighGround recently conducted a survey meant to take the pulse of current feelings around performance conversations. The post Unveiling the HighGround Performance Management Data Study appeared first on HighGround. New strategies to improve employee performance and engagement are evolving just as quickly as they are being discovered.

HighGround is Hiring: Beyond the Job Description


You might have noticed that HighGround is growing. Here are some questions you might have before applying to join our team: What’s it like working at HighGround? Our leadership team is committed to hiring people who are truly enthusiastic about and committed to making HighGround the industry leader. If you’re running away from another job rather than running toward HighGround, then we’ll probably take a pass. And this means our team is expanding too.

Performance Management in HighGround Customers’ Own Words


In this roundup, In Their Words: HighGround Customers Tackle Performance Management , five HR leaders share their thought process behind designing their processes, the practical side of implementing it and how it’s helped their companies re-imagine their goals for employee engagement. The post Performance Management in HighGround Customers’ Own Words appeared first on HighGround.

HighGround + Hour of Code


Two things we love here at HighGround? The HighGround team will be conducting the virtual JavaScript tutorial with the students via Skype, and will also be sharing a bit about what it’s like to work in technology. The post HighGround + Hour of Code appeared first on HighGround. Company Culture company culture giving back HighGround VolunteersTechnology, of course, and giving back. Our newest initiative combines both.

HighGround and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


HighGround’s Commitment to Data Protection and GDPR Compliance. HighGround is on track to achieve compliance with GDPR requirements before the new EU regulation are enforced in May. We believe HighGround can help you meet those expectations. HighGround enables global organizations to collaborate more effectively across the globe while safeguarding and protecting employee personal information and privacy.

[Video] From His Worst Boss to His Best Advice: An Interview with HighGround CEO Vip Sandhir


As the founder and CEO of HighGround, Vip Sandhir spends more time than most thinking about the employee experience. The post [Video] From His Worst Boss to His Best Advice: An Interview with HighGround CEO Vip Sandhir appeared first on HighGround.

HighGround Hits the Road: Upcoming Events and Webinars


As always, you can stay up to date via the entire HighGround events calendar : Argyle’s 2017 Human Capital Leadership Forum. The post HighGround Hits the Road: Upcoming Events and Webinars appeared first on HighGround. Summer is sadly coming to a close, which means we’re ramping up for a busy season of events including webinars, conferences and other networking opportunities.

A Day at Breakthrough Urban Ministries: HighGround Gives Back


A group of HighGround employees spent the morning at the Breakthrough’s Fresh Market helping stock the pantry, greeting customers, bagging groceries and sorting through food deliveries. Working with the Breakthrough team was a great opportunity to do something simple that made a bigger impact,” said Ross Wallace, HighGround Manager of Sales Development. “It In our own rewards program at HighGround, we offer employees the opportunity to donate to the charity of their choice.

Are You a “Best Place to Work?” Some HighGround Customers in Chicago Made the List


We’re happy to say that three HighGround customers — Horizon Pharma , Sonoma Partners and William Blair — were included on the list. Watch and read more about how HighGround customers are working toward being named one of the best places to work. Some HighGround Customers in Chicago Made the List appeared first on HighGround. Lots of “best of” lists tend to come out around this time of year. Best movies, TV shows, books, albums, etc.

SHRM 2018 Recap: The Three Things We Love Most About Conferences


We get to do three things that are critical to HighGround’s success: 1. By the way, if you register now, you can get a $300 discount on behalf of HighGround. The post SHRM 2018 Recap: The Three Things We Love Most About Conferences appeared first on HighGround.

Hello from HighGround! Meet Adam Dahl


We’re excited to bring back our newest blog series, Hello from HighGround! Read on for his take on the problems HighGround solves and what makes him a happy member of our team. How’d you get your start at HighGround? The belief and vision of HighGround – to facilitate exceptional workplace experiences where employees thrive and employers are known as a best place to work – really spoke to me. Tell us a bit about your everyday life at HighGround.

HCI Webinar Recap: Performance Management Overhauls Are Constant Works in Progress


Jason Averbrook, CEO and Co-founder of LeapGen, and Laura Seamans, VP of Organizational Effectiveness for ACT, recently shared their experiences and insights during a webinar called “Workplace Engagement Decoded” moderated by HighGround Chief Engagement Officer, Andee Harris an co-hosted by the Human Capital Institute. The post HCI Webinar Recap: Performance Management Overhauls Are Constant Works in Progress appeared first on HighGround.

State of the performance review 2017: What the best companies are doing today

HR Morning

HighGround , which offers a cloud platform to help managers and employees communicate, recently released a study on the state of performance reviews, and offers some new insights on how companies are striving to improve the process. Performance reviews.

Employee Engagement Expert Advice – Interview with Andee Harris

HR Gazette

As Chief Engagement Officer at HighGround, Andee Harris brings more than 20 years of experience working with HR leaders and practitioners to her role as the Chief Engagement Officer at HighGround.

[Video] Better Developing Your Employees


Better developing your employees is a top priority for many organizations and to help their own efforts, LRW turned to HighGround’s engagement platform. The post [Video] Better Developing Your Employees appeared first on HighGround.

Video 130

Integrating Several Company Cultures [Video]


It implemented HighGround’s employee engagement and feedback platform to help its employees recognize one another and perform better. The post Integrating Several Company Cultures [Video] appeared first on HighGround.

Video 151

Three Must-Do’s at Next Week’s HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas


2018 has certainly been a busy year for us at HighGround, and this year’s HR Tech will be a special one for us as we make our conference debut with YouEarnedIt. Visit the YouEarnedIt + HighGround booth. Spend some time with the HighGround and YouEarnedIt teams at booth #221. YouEarnedIt + HighGround CEO Autumn Manning will be live demo’ing its real-time employee experience platform during the session on Thursday from 1:30 – 3 pm. About HighGround. 20+ years.

FAQ: How Can Businesses Determine Merit and Compensation Without Ratings?


Prior to using HighGround, Patagonia determined and communicated merit pay, or bonuses, and compensation, or base pay, once a year in conjunction with annual reviews. Patagonia redesigned its process from the ground up with HighGround. appeared first on HighGround.

How One Company is Creating a Feedback Culture


Craig says they’re using HighGround to help employees realize their potential and embrace “diversity of thought.”. LLamasoft chose HighGround as its tool for employee feedback, goal-setting and recognition.

Infographic: 2016 – The Year of the Employee Engagement


To learn more about how HighGround can transform your employee engagement strategy, download the Continuous Employee Engagement eBook. . The post Infographic: 2016 – The Year of the Employee Engagement appeared first on HighGround.

Five Feedback Winners: Companies Embracing a Feedback Culture


They credit HighGround’s platform with helping them get comfortable with the feedback process to ultimately improve their performance. LRW uses HighGround to offer its employees an alternative to traditional performance management processes, where a single annual conversation serves as a history report of performance. After using HighGround for the past few years, Patagonia has continued to see adoption of its program grow.

News You Might Have Missed


Check out a few of the recent stories that caught our eye as well as HighGround in the news. HighGround’s Director of People and Culture, Libby Rapin, shares some simple tips on how to appreciate your employees on a daily basis. Vote] HighGround is in ChicagoInno’s Tech Madness. HighGround has been named a finalist in ChicagoInno’s Tech Madness Bracket, a friendly competition designed to generate awareness and excitement for companies in the Chicago tech space.

[Infographic] The Biggest Workplace Trends for 2016


The post [Infographic] The Biggest Workplace Trends for 2016 appeared first on HighGround. We hear a lot about Millennials and Baby Boomers but a new generation of employees will soon be entering the workforce – Generation Z.

Trends 141

News You Might Have Missed – June 13


Intermedix Uses HighGround to Build Culture. HighGround Modernizes Goal Management with Enhanced Solution to Drive Greater Organizational Success. HighGround announced an enhanced version of its goal management solution within its mobile-friendly platform. Dr. David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute and HighGround’s Chief Engagement Officer Andee Harris discuss how to handle this miscommunication in the workplace by having more brain-friendly conversations.

Going to HR Tech? We Want to See You There


” The HighGround Puppies Are Back – and More. We’ll be there to give you a HighGround demo , answer your questions and give away a few other prizes. We Want to See You There appeared first on HighGround. We’re getting ready for HR Technology Conference & Exposition next week Tuesday through Thursday at the Venetian in Las Vegas. In advance of this year’s event, we wanted to give a preview of what you can expect. Yes, the HR Tech puppies are back.)

Change Management Must-Haves: 15 Ways to Start Your New HR Program on the Right Foot


Here’s a handful of ways that HighGround clients have communicated the HR process change to employees. Here’s a few ways that clients have helped get employees up to speed on HighGround.