Tips for Planning and Completing Your Time & Attendance Implementation

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Your Vendor Should Support our Time and Attendance Implementation. And that starts with making sure you track everything to your needs document. A functional needs document will spell out the capabilities you need now, as well as your anticipated needs going forward.

Simplify Mileage Reimbursements With Time & Attendance Software

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What does reporting business miles have to do with time & attendance? Ideally, when workers are on the clock and on the road, their tools provide them with the same level of accuracy and clarity they receive from time & attendance software.

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Utilize Payroll & Improve Cash Flow


Unfortunately, in times of crisis, sometimes it is not up to profit. In this article, we present completely honest, and moreover, effective ways to utilize payroll to improve your cash flow. This is also one of the basic ways to utilize payroll to improve your cash flow.

Automate Your Payroll Holiday Time Creation

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Is It Holiday Time Again? Not for Payroll. It’s that time of year again when Payroll will be loading up their Time Batches with holiday hours for all their employees who get a holiday benefit. This has saved us a significant amount of data entry time.

Employee Documentation and Record Keeping Requirements


While some businesses might try to cut corners when it comes to employee documentation and record keeping, there are some documents that are absolutely necessary. A lack of proper documentation and record keeping can lead to financial setbacks and even legal problems for companies.

Eliminate Time Clock Fraud

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Is time theft an issue for your company? Every day, employees across the country take part in time clock fraud—whether inadvertently or intentionally. As many as 75% of companies have time “stolen” from under their noses, according to an American Payroll Association (APA) study.

Discovery Phase – the start of a successful Workforce Management (WFM) implementation


That is why it is best practice that prior to an implementation you run through a discovery phase and document all of your organization’s current policies, procedures and any changes that you’d like in the future state of your software. Written by: Erica Niesse.

Employee Time and Attendance Challenges in Health Care Facilities


There is perhaps no greater challenge for creating and tracking employee time and attendance than doing so for a medical or health care facility. Besides the basic need to monitor work time and attendance information, workforce management systems must be fully customizable to accommodate variable working patterns and work rules. But time and attendance management doesn’t stop with simply generating work schedules.

Tracking Time and Attendance for Remote Workers

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Time tracking for remote workers increases in importance. There are plenty of tools designed to make working remotely a functional part of how a business operates,” says Adam Hollenberg, Regional Sales Manager with nettime solutions and stratus time.

That Dirty Four Letter Word – DATA!


Payroll Tables setup. Payroll Processes. Often times, data comes from multiple sources, including manual sources (i.e. Typically some of the data (for example, Time Off plans, Deductions and Benefits) will need configuration to support the data. Written by: Erik Frokjer.

Data 362

Paid Sick Time for Federal Contractors: Creating an Audit Trail

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Paid sick time requirements are a concern for any company acting as a federal contractor or marketing to government entities. How Time & Attendance Software Can Help Businesses Track Paid Sick Time Hours. labor laws Time Off Request time and attendance software

3 Ways for Small Businesses to Track Employee Hours

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Even a single hour of padding on each employee time card per month can cost business thousands of dollars a year. Furthermore, improperly documented hours can easily lead to payroll headaches, tax reporting problems, and legal issues for employers.

Is Your Time and Attendance Solution Delivering Results?


Not all time and attendance solutions are created equal. Perhaps you’re manually keeping track of time cards or your automated time and attendance system isn’t living up to your expectations. Either way, it might be time to make a change.

5 ways employees could be scamming your time and attendance system


What is time clock or time card fraud? Only now he’s an adult, and he’s trying to figure out a way to scam his company time sheets. When it comes to time clock fraud, even padding each work day with just a few extra minutes adds up. With overtime at the time-and-a-half rate of $15, you’re paying an extra $30 a week. The opportunity for time clock fraud exists and unfortunately some employees will try to profit from your loss.

Top 10 Time and Attendance Posts of 2014

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I''m the friend who always produces a highlight video with pictures and footage from the last 12 months, set to tear-jerker music that makes you wish you could rewind the months and live every delicious moment one more time. These keys are flexibility, security, and documentation.

5 benefits Payroll software can deliver to HR

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As an HR professional, you usually don’t have to deal with payroll tasks beyond the basics when onboarding a new employee. Most HR software solutions have a payroll module that comes preloaded, but if yours doesn’t consider talking with your software vendor to see if it can be added on.

4 tips for managing payroll accurately


The recent American Payroll Association “Getting Paid In America ” survey revealed that 92 % of American employees are confident that their paychecks are accurate every pay period. Payroll mistakes can lead to complex issues beyond employee compensation and can be very costly for your company.

Welcome to Vista 7 Payroll – 30,000 Foot View

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Vista 7 Payroll is an ongoing project at PDS to enhance all of the Payroll functionality offered with Vista. This includes behind the scenes technical updates, as well as front end enhancements to make your payrolls faster and your life easier. Vista 7 Payroll includes a slew of enhancements that will reduce processing time and simplify running payroll. These and many other features will save you time, and we know time is money! Payroll

10 Bad Payroll Habits to Drop As Soon as Possible


In theory, managing your company payroll shouldn’t be that hard. Consider strengthening your payroll approach with these tips. . “You’re likely to find great options that will cost you much less money than the same old payroll service.”

6 Strategies for Secure Payroll Processing and Fraud Prevention


Payroll processing is a core function for organizations to be able to compensate their employees for the work they are doing. A payroll system also holds a massive amount of sensitive employee information. How to Secure Payroll Processing and Prevent Fraud. Time and Attendance.

Facial Verification Feature Released on Mobile App!


Custom Documents: Employers can create custom documents and forms for an employee to fill out and E-sign during employee onboarding an employee, or for an existing employee. GET READY FOR YOUR CLOSE-UP!

How to Prepare for the New Overtime Changes


If this affects you in any way, the time to prepare is now, as you may need to make some changes in order to comply. . In less than a month, you will need to establish a system to determine when overtime is owed, which means tracking time of these employees, even if they’re salaried.

HR TechStack – Payroll Software


Payroll Software Definition. Payroll software is used by companies to streamline and automate employee payment and tax filing. It allows companies to easily perform and track their payroll processes. Payroll solutions ensure employees are paid timely and accurately.

When Can Employers Delete Employee Records?


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) states that every employer covered under its jurisdiction (which is most employers) must keep payroll records, collective bargaining agreements, and sales and purchase records for a minimum of three years for each nonexempt worker.

Getting the Most Out of Your Global Payroll RFP, Part I


All You Need to Know About Creating an Effective Request for Proposal Document. By definition, a proposal document offers a solution to a problem. In this case, you’re asking for a solution to your payroll problem. Your company’s request for proposal ( RFP ) document should specify exactly what your organization is looking for in your new payroll solution. What does successful global payroll look like for us? Expensive and fragmented payroll.

Do Employees Need to Sign Off on Time Cards?

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For most companies, this involves some system of sign off before they submit an employee’s time card to payroll. How to Implement a Sign-Off Process for Employee Time Cards. And a lot of it depends on what type of time & attendance system you’re using.”.

Can a payroll software be an effective HRMS?


In many cases – the only HR software that companies use is a payroll software. Their employee data is typically spread between their payroll software, spreadsheets, paper files, emails and documents stored on a shared folder. Features of a payroll software. Let us first try to understand what are the functionalities associated with a payroll software. Wikipedia defines Payroll Automation as the following set of activities. Document storage.

The Benefits of the Cloud for Multi-Location Businesses


Companies without an efficient employee time tracking system are forced to rely on email to share records, and must constantly be in contact to deliver reports and exchange data. The manual aspect of the process simply takes up too much time, effort, and energy.

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Paid Sick Time for Federal Contractors: Creating an Audit Trail

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Paid sick time requirements are a concern for any company acting as a federal contractor or marketing to government entities. How Time & Attendance Software Can Help Businesses Track Paid Sick Time Hours. Scheduling Paid Sick Time

Top 7 Payroll Tips for Business Owners

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Payroll is an important aspect of running a business with employees. An efficient and organized process can make payroll less cumbersome and costly. Here are seven simple and effective payroll tips that can benefit every business owner. Manage rolling deadlines for payroll taxes. It’s estimated that issuing one paper check represents a cost of about $3, when factoring for the costs of materials, postage and time. Make time and attendance self-service.

3 ways outdated payroll processes hurt your business


Payroll is a top priority for any business. After all, employees expect their paychecks to be right and on time, every time. By the same token, business leaders want payroll to be easy and hassle-free, so they can concentrate on growing their businesses. But there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work involved to make the payroll process seamless from start to finish. So, are your company’s outdated ways of handling payroll holding you back?

How Long You Should Keep Business Records For


Time Records. Time and day of week when employee’s workweek begins. Total daily or weekly straight-time earnings. Keep all payroll records for at least three years (more on that below). . Payroll Records.

Union Payroll Processing: 3 Things to Know


Regardless of which side is chosen, this ruling puts an enormous burden on HR and payroll departments when it comes to the deductions they have to consider. Here are three important things to keep in mind when thinking about payroll processing for union workers: 1.

SaaS Payroll: 6 Tips to Find the Perfect Solution


it should be no surprise to see that payroll processing is no exception. If you’re in the market for an online payroll system , you’ll need a sharp eye to find the perfect match for your organization. Keep in mind, not all payroll software is created equal.

10 Great Things You Can Do with Fingercheck360


From hiring to payroll, your organization’s daily operations is made more efficient with Fingercheck360 at your service. You can have these signed documents emailed to the employees upon activation. It also allows you to store human resource-related documents and attachments online so your team can have one system of record. . Fingercheck started as a time and attendance software, which is why our time tracking features are so strong.

What Real Users Love About Their Payroll Department Tools

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Payroll departments handle the compensation for all employees, ensuring that they are paid on time and that the correct deductions are withheld. But what are the features that payroll departments value most in their payroll software? Patriot Payroll.

Welcome to Vista 7 Payroll – Payroll Queue

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The Payroll Queue is a new feature available with Vista 7 Payroll that identifies when payroll-related changes are made to a given employee. Normally, a Payroll Validation Phase includes all employees that match the batch header. Payroll