What’s New in BambooHR: BambooHR® Learning


Our main purpose at BambooHR is to help HR professionals and employees everywhere as they create great places to work and continually make improvements.

BambooHR Scholarship: 2020 Winners


We are absolutely thrilled to announce the winners of our second annual BambooHR Scholarship. BambooHR NewsThese exceptionally creative university students will each be awarded 5,000 dollars.


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Experiencing the BambooHR Way


It’s also why I am so excited to join BambooHR as. BambooHR NewsWe set people free to do great work. That is a bold mission statement.

Outrageously Helpful Resources for BambooHR Customers [List]


We pride ourselves on making BambooHR® easy to use, but sometimes, you still need help setting up a new feature. BambooHR News HR InsightsOther times, you want to.

What’s New in BambooHR: ZipRecruiter


The BambooHR® Applicant Tracking System (ATS) now includes instant job posting to ZipRecruiter, making it that much easier to land the perfect hire even amid.

Spend Less Time on Manual Data Entry with the 15Five and BambooHR Integration


There’s a better way with the 15Five and BambooHR integration. With a few simple steps, an administrative user can link 15Five and BambooHR and import their employees and management structure into 15Five. When you use 15Five and BambooHR together, you’ll experience a simple and affordable solution to manage the most valuable aspect of your business — your employees. Learn more about the integration by visiting the BambooHR App Marketplace.

Shooting the Moon with BambooHR


Today, not only do I get to announce I am joining BambooHR, but I also get to do what I love and go to work. BambooHR News

Introducing BambooHR® ATS Candidate Talent Pools


In your search for the right talent, BambooHR helps you coordinate with everyone involved in the hiring process to reach candidates quickly and stay ahead.

BambooHR Marketplace Update | October 2019


We are constantly amazed by the ingenuity of our Marketplace partners in creating best-in-class integrations that make your experience with BambooHR even better. BambooHR NewsCheck out.

Introducing: BambooHR Professional


We’ve rolled out a brand new BambooHR Professional platform that will not only make you more efficient but also help you operate more strategically within your organization. The post Introducing: BambooHR Professional appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR ATS bambooHR HR HR software hris hrms human resources performance management2015 has been a busy year!

Our Powers Combined: New Kazoo and BambooHR Integration


That’s why we’re excited to announce our new product integration with BambooHR. . BambooHR is a fantastic HR software for small and medium businesses that makes it easy to: collect, maintain, and analyze your people data. What the BambooHR integration does for you.

5 Takeaways from BambooHR’s HR Virtual Summit 2020


Didn’t get a chance to attend the BambooHR 2020 Virtual Summit? BambooHR CEO Brad Rencher opened the summit with a hard-hitting question: Were we wrong to focus on customer experience before the employee experience? . We’ve got you covered!

BambooHR Virtual Summit


BambooHR Virtual Summit. --> Global Upside is exhibiting at the BambooHR Virtual Summit, world’s largest virtual HR conference. The post BambooHR Virtual Summit appeared first on Global Upside. -->. --> Connect with Us at the.

What’s New in BambooHR: Geolocation


BambooHR® Time Tracking now has geolocation on the mobile app! Tracking employee hours by job site can get complicated fast. Instead, set employees free with. Product Announcements

Our BambooHR Family Welcomes Brad Rencher


Today’s news that Brad Rencher is joining BambooHR as CEO is the result of over a decade of great work and strong performance by our. BambooHR News

Introducing The Era: A New Podcast from BambooHR


Introducing The Era: A New Podcast from BambooHR At BambooHR, we believe employee experience is the foundation of a successful business, so much so that.

Celebrating One Year as CEO of BambooHR: Leading in a Pandemic


On October 15, I celebrated my one-year anniversary at BambooHR. BambooHR News Performance & CultureLooking back at the past twelve months, I think it’s safe to say my first.

BambooHR Marketplace Update | April 2019


BambooHR News“I have way too many friends,” said no one ever. Okay, maybe a few people out there feel this way, but we certainly don’t. Especially.

BambooHR Marketplace Update | July 2019


BambooHR NewsBust out those leftover 4th of July fireworks, because we have some celebrating to do. This quarter we added not one…not five…but eleven new apps.

HireSelect Now Integrates with BambooHR

Criteria Corp

We’re excited to announce a new integration between HireSelect and BambooHR. BambooHR is an HR software solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses manage all of their employee information and HR processes in a user-friendly Human Resources Information System (HRIS). With over 16,000 customers, BambooHR helps growing companies navigate the complicated world of HR, from applicant tracking and onboarding to compensation and performance management.

Meet BambooHR’s Newest Partners: Workable, Teamatics, and More


What do cheese, wine, cast iron, love (bear with me), and the BambooHR Marketplace have in common? Our team has been hard at work for the past few months scouting out the very best workplace apps to partner with so we can make your BambooHR experience even more delightful. […]. Bamboo News BambooHR Marketplace HR software partnersThey all get better with time!

4 Ways BambooHR Helps You Crack Offboarding


Whether an employee has decided to leave your organization or you’re letting people go, offboarding triggers a long to-do list for HR. So long, it. Product Announcements

Ask an HR Expert: Measuring Employee Satisfaction with BambooHR


In the Ask an HR Expert series, we chat with the HR pros who help make BambooHR a great place to work. In this article, HR Insights

Better Together: BambooHR Preferred Partners


The BambooHR story could have turned out very differently. When co-founders Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders decided ten years ago to start a new software company, they knew two things: they liked working with each other (most of the time), and they wanted to build a company centered on being a great place to work […]. General HR

BambooHR Earns Top Workplace Award


At BambooHR, we believe we’re different. But BambooHR is so much more […]. The post BambooHR Earns Top Workplace Award appeared first on BambooHR Blog. We think coming in to the office every morning (or beginning the work day at home for our remote people) is something to look forward to—not dread. We also have a panda for a mascot, and our CEO hands out frozen treats regularly.

BambooHR Summit 2018 – That’s a wrap!


We had an incredible BambooHR Summit 2018 full of knowledgeable speakers, new friends, and even a bit of fun. Bamboo News BambooHR Summit 2018Well folks, that’s a wrap! Before we leave it to the history books, we wanted to share some of our favorite parts with you: Keynote Speakers From diversity to culture to happiness and everything in between, […].

What’s New in BambooHR: 2-Step Login


HR handles sensitive employee and business information—the kind you want to keep safe and secure—every single day. And it pays to be proactive about data. Product Announcements

Meet InteliChart—BambooHR’s Awesome Customer


At BambooHR, our mission is to set people free to do great work. That’s why we wanted to showcase some of our customers in a new blog series, BambooHR’s Awesome Customers. The post Meet InteliChart—BambooHR’s Awesome Customer appeared first on BambooHR Blog. BambooHR''s Customers General HR human resources Success Stories automation customers HR HR software respect team members work-life balance

#SHRM19 Interview with BambooHR


What does Amanda Brunson (me) and BambooHR have in common? I absolutely love stopping by the BambooHR booth at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition every year because they always have something fun going on! Let’s start with a riddle! Give up? We love all things panda! I mean, my social media handle is @TheHRPanda after all!!

You Want to be a BambooHR Marketer (Here’s Why)


BambooHR thinks so. The post You Want to be a BambooHR Marketer (Here’s Why) appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR bamboohr jobs HR hris hrms human resources marketing jobsIf you’re going to give up 40 hours of your time each week, don’t you want to be spending them on something inspiring? Something fulfilling? And in an environment you enjoy and feel valued?

Introducing BambooHR’s Employee Experience Week


After supporting employees through lockdowns and economic uncertainty, workplaces everywhere have a chance to make the new normal a better normal. Focusing on providing employees. Voices in Leadership

BambooHR and PlanGrade Integration


The post BambooHR and PlanGrade Integration appeared first on BambooHR Blog. Understanding health benefits certainly wasn’t easy before ACA came along. But now that ACA has added to the confusion and increased complexities for HR, it’s even harder to manage. Dealing with legal, compliance and plan issues alone suck up a ton of time. We know this is on your mind—especially knowing all employer health plans […].

Introducing: Two New BambooHR Reports


Because of that, we’ve created two new BambooHR reports so you can see into the future and past for historical data and time-off balances. The post Introducing: Two New BambooHR Reports appeared first on. We know you’re always striving to improve and evolve. And in order to grow with you, we’re committed to doing the same. Sound magical? Give it a try. Time Off Balances […]. Product Features & Updates HR reports product update product updates

How Work-Life Balance Works at BambooHR


Talk to anyone at BambooHR, and they’ll likely be able to name the seven values that guide our day-to-day work: Be Open Assume the Best Do the Right Thing Make it Count Grow from Good to Great Enjoy Quality of Life Enjoy Quality of Life—which focuses on work-life balance—is perhaps the one we are best […].

Meet Pronto Marketing—BambooHR’s Awesome Customer [VIDEO]


At BambooHR, our mission is to set people free to do great work. That’s why we wanted to showcase some of our customers in our blog series, BambooHR’s Awesome Customers. The post Meet Pronto Marketing—BambooHR’s Awesome Customer [VIDEO] appeared first on BambooHR Blog. BambooHR''s Customers company culture HR Software Success Stories benefits developing employees happy customers HR human resources learning SEO values

Do the Right Thing: A Conversation with BambooHR Co-Founders, Ryan Sanders and Ben Peterson


In the software startup world—an environment well-known for its fundraising braggarts, cutthroat competition, and hypergrowth obsession—it’s rare and refreshing to find leaders who have instead. Voices in Leadership

Hireology Announces Integration Partnership with BambooHR


Hireology is excited to announce an integration partnership with BambooHR, the industry’s leading software provider dedicated to powering the strategic evolution of HR for small and medium businesses. The partnership enables customers to benefit from using Hireology to source and hire quality candidates and automatically transfer new hires to BambooHR for ongoing HR management. With Hireology and BambooHR, HR managers can save time, reduce errors and improve data access.

2016 BambooHR Product Updates


Our product team was deep in the trenches all year long completing a laundry list of projects, some big, some small, but all of them designed to improve your BambooHR experience. The post 2016 BambooHR Product Updates appeared first on. If you didn’t notice, 2016 was a great year for Bambooing. We sent our fearless reporting crew out into the wilderness to get the […]. General HR Product Features & Updates

BambooHR + New Partners = Better Than Ever


The post BambooHR + New Partners = Better Than Ever appeared first on. We’re not one to brag, but when it comes to software partnerships, we roll deep. And since launching our new Apps Marketplace, we’ve created quite a few new partnerships that we think HR pros will be pretty psyched about. Learn more about our Apps Marketplace! For those of you who have been wishing we’d team […]. HR Software human resources News & Announcements partnerships

How Does BambooHR’s API Work? [VIDEO]


To best serve our customers who use multiple systems, BambooHR has acquired many technology partners over the years. The post How Does BambooHR’s API Work? VIDEO] appeared first on BambooHR Blog. When adopting software into your business, the word ‘integration’ can mean a lot of things. So today we want to clarify how we share data to and from third-party systems.