The complete year-end payroll checklist for small businesses


Year-end payroll : It’s a doozy, especially when you’ve got so much on your plate with the holiday rush. Simply follow this checklist to mark off all the boxes and close your payroll process faster so you can enjoy the holidays and prepare for 2022. . Run year-end payroll reports.

What Should Be in an Employee File? Hiring Documents, Payroll Info, and Everything in Between

Patriot Software

From new hire documents to payroll information, there are a variety of documents (and some confidential information) you need to securely store and have on hand. PayrollAs an employer, it’s your responsibility to store records in an employee personnel file.


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Smart Solutions for Common Payroll Issues


Growing enterprises must learn the ins and outs of payroll management. Here are some of the common payroll problems and possible solutions for each. . Experienced service providers offer payroll services that you can avail of.

What Is Process Documentation?


What Is Process Documentation? When you’re a team of one, you can get away with not having your processes documented. But as your team grows, process documentation becomes a critical component of your business’ success. . Why you need to document your processes.

Guide to Business Continuity Planning in Payroll

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In the best of times, the payroll department can seem somewhat invisible to the rest of the organization. And, when a major disruption does occur, the essential value of payroll becomes obvious. The essential components of a business continuity plan for payroll.

Are You Tracking Gobal Payroll Metrics?


Payroll is increasingly under greater pressure to deliver data and in volumes and categories often overlooked. While producing reports is not exactly a new phenomenon to payroll professionals, what is new is the breadth and depth of reporting now requested. Payroll managers.

Workday Podcast: Don’t Take Payroll for Granted


Everyone loves payday, but the word “payroll” can cause anxiety for payroll professionals as they cope with changing regulations, higher expectations, and shifting workforce dynamics. Workday’s Mariana Santiago, vice president, payroll product management, and Stacey Harris, VP research and analytics at Sierra-Cedar, talked with me about these issues and more. Take a listen here: Don’t Take Payroll for Granted. Josh Krist : “Payroll.”

Payroll Software Pricing in 2022

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Payroll is the lifeblood of HR. So if you want to maintain the peace and not break the bank doing it, check out these payroll options. What Does Payroll Software Do? Payroll software automates, simplifies, and streamlines the payroll process. QuickBooks Payroll.

It’s time to review (or create) your document retention policy

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Worried that your company might not have a particular document on hand if the IRS conducted an audit? They create a document retention policy that clarifies what needs to be saved, where, and for how long. Document retention requirements for common business records.

Payroll Software Guide: Key Features and Benefits

Netchex HR Blog

You certainly know what payroll is. You might even know all that is involved in the payroll process. But did you know that payroll software can make the payroll process easier and more efficient for your company? What is payroll software? Simple payroll processing.

What Hireology’s Document Collection Feature Can Do For Your Healthcare Facility


The consistently fast-paced environment of the healthcare industry means your team is moving a mile a minute — but it’s also a business that relies on thorough documentation, which can saddle your staff with time-consuming and manual processes. .

In-house vs outsourced payroll: what’s the difference?


Paying your employees is imperative, but should you use in-house payroll software or an outsourced payroll provider? So your organisation needs a team that has in-depth knowledge of how payroll works, and what’s needed to stay compliant. Advantages of in-house payroll.

Documentation is Key

nettime solutions

Which means documenting your processes is essential to your productivity levels. Workforce systems can help you manage your employee schedules, control and enforce their time punches and automatically calculate their wages – literally documenting everything. Eliminate manual calculations and data entry with an easy to use workforce management solution that can adapt to your billing, payroll and HR needs. The simple truth is – problems are unavoidable.

What is Payroll? A Guide to the Modern Payroll System.


A good payroll system is comprised of many components– but at its core, what is payroll? Payroll refers to a company’s roster of employees and the total wages they are to be paid. There’s a lot to keep track of, which is why we’ve put together this article to help you understand the ins and outs of payroll. . What is Payroll Tax? What is Payroll in Regards to Your People? When it comes to payroll, each employment type will be paid differently.

6 types of HR documents every small business needs

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By keeping track of necessary HR documents, you can pass audits and other regulatory processes like a pro. Here are six types of documents that will strengthen your organization's compliance with local labor laws: Recruitment and onboarding paperwork. Payroll documents.

HUB Solves HR Document Management Problems


Solve HR document management problems. HUB organizes all of your HR documents. Problem #1 Misplaced documents and data. Never lose a document again. Problem #2 Wasted time retrieving documents. You can easily search for any document in the HUB portal.

Lender letter for PPP application documentation


as documentation to corroborate estimated “payroll costs” As you all know, being part of a PEO provides great benefits and efficiencies in employment administration. One of those is consolidating all payroll related tax filings under Synergy’s EIN.

HR Tech Talks: Switching from Manual HR Processes to a HRIS

HR Payroll Systems

Doing the preparation of inputting data into Excel and scanning paper documents ahead of time can cut down on the actual implementation time later on. HR Payroll Systems helps match companies and organizations with the HRIS vendor that will best meet their needs.

Why you should treat the causes of payroll problems rather than symptoms

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In this week’s blog our in-house payroll ‘doctor’ Chris Kirby tells us how a holistic approach to payroll diagnosis can boost efficiency, experience and return on investment. Our Payroll is broken”. Payroll is always wrong, we need a new system”. Payroll .

Understanding Payroll Taxes: Payments, Penalties, and Deadlines

Netchex HR Blog

Taxes are a major part of the payroll process. Payroll taxes help your employees manage their annual tax burden, and by checking all the paperwork, ultimately prevents costly fines for your business. What are payroll taxes? Payroll taxes are deducted from your employee paychecks.

FSA receipt requirements: What you need to document

Business Management Daily

However, they also can require careful documentation to ensure that funds were spent on approved expenses. Alternatively, employees can fill out claim forms with supporting documentation to request reimbursement if they paid with their own credit card, debit card, or bank account.

Payroll Management and Its Importance

HR Digest

In modern workplaces, payroll management has a very important role in daily activities. We can say that payroll is an essential part of the company’s salary management and it is clear that payroll cannot be replaced with any other system nowadays. . What Is Payroll?

Payroll Audit: Objectives, Process & Checklist

Analytics in HR

Organizations need to make sure that they’re paying their employees correctly and on time and comply with employment laws and payroll regulations. If you don’t have your payroll in order, you won’t have a company much longer. A payroll audit is an excellent way to ensure this.

Payroll Risk Management Strategies


No matter the size or nature of your business, payroll is something you have to monitor and manage carefully. The payroll process can be complex to understand, especially as the rules and regulations governing it are numerous and constantly changing. Blog b2b employee benefits payroll

How Payroll Contributes to Company Culture


This is payroll. Payroll may not be the obvious contributor, but it is nonetheless crucial in playing a vital role for employee engagement in company culture. This means a good payroll team is necessary to cater to these concerns – benefits, perks and correct compensation is a core responsibility of the payroll team. In fact, a recent survey from found that 49% of American workers will start a new job search after experiencing just two payroll errors.

A “Smart” Solution for Simplified Payroll

Ultimate Software

With this being National Payroll Week, we wanted to take a closer look at a hot-button issue for payroll professionals across America. If you’re a payroll professional, you probably know Pennsylvania has one of the most complex local tax structures throughout the country—as in, one simple employee change, such as a new address, will likely require some manual effort. One of the ways we make work life easier for payroll professionals is with UltiPro’s Smart Tax Search tool.

How to Manage Better the Payroll of Your Employees 


Are you struggling to manage your payroll processes because of a lack of time or staff? Do you want to figure out how you can manage your payroll effectively? 7 Ways You Can Manage the Payroll of your Employees Effectively. Consider Creating a Payroll Calendar.

The impact of Boechler v. Commissioner on your payroll

Business Management Daily

Commissioner —has a direct impact on your payroll operations, at least if you’re late filing a Tax Court petition and the reason for your tardiness was beyond your control. If you’re not e-filing, your best bet is to mail your documents certified, return receipt requested. Yes, the U.S.

What are the top features and benefits of payroll software?


From the benefits of payroll software to choosing the right software for your organisation, we cover everything you need to know about payroll software. Similarly, the answer lies with payroll software. Features of payroll software. The key benefits of payroll software.

10 Common Payroll Myths Debunked!


While managing payroll and compliance may not be the most glamourous part of entrepreneurship, it does have an enormous impact on your business. So, for that reason, we want to share why payroll processing doesn’t have to be painful and bust 10 common myths about payroll!

Stay on track with this payroll compliance checklist

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Payroll compliance is no small task. Everyone knows that executing payroll accurately and on time is important, after all everyone wants to get paid for their world. Payroll compliance checklist for onboarding new hires. Payroll tax compliance checklist.

Payroll Best Practices for 2022 and Beyond


Whether a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly pay schedule, payroll is typically done via a payroll system. If that’s how payroll currently operates in your organization, why not make 2022 the year to make a change? What Is Payroll Management? Automate Payroll.

Rethinking your Global Payroll Management? Top 3 Areas to Consider


However, regardless of how you feel about change, it must be approached with deliberation when it involves something as critical as payroll. Transitioning to an entirely new payroll technology and system is huge, and if it goes wrong, the consequences are severe.

Are There Tax Documents for Your Pre-Tax Benefits?

Benefit Resource Inc.

We’re here to provide you with a short guide to help you understand the required tax documents for your pre-tax benefits. . There are three tax documents associated with HSAs: Form 1099-SA Form 5498-SA Form 8889. The 8889 form is the only document you need to submit with your taxes. To report your HSA contributions on your tax return, you will need a copy of your W-2 for the total pre-tax contributions made by you through payroll or by your employer.

Pressing payroll updates for 2021

Business Management Daily

While your payroll department may not come with a torrent of wind and rain, it might be embroiled in a maelstrom of chaos trying to keep up with updates, changing regulations, and more. The post Pressing payroll updates for 2021 appeared first on Business Management Daily.

The Best Way to Process Payroll [Updated for 2020]


Payroll is one of the most important processes to handle correctly. Learn to Process Payroll Efficiently and Legally. We’ve created a comprehensive 5-part payroll processing guide to help you. How Payroll Processing Works. Best Practices For Processing Payroll.

How To Process Payroll Checklist?


Payroll processing may be a complex undertaking, which is why many businesses utilize payroll software and outsource payroll processing to a payroll provider. The Payroll Checklist: What’s Included? You can store payroll documentation in a few different ways.

Too Many Payroll Errors?


Payroll glitches frustrate your staff members, create hassles for your HR team, and can cost you significantly in unnecessary overpayment or penalties for compliance violations. billion in back wages due to payroll infractions. Outsource Payroll. The post Too Many Payroll Errors?

Payroll Tax Filings and Payments


Fingercheck’s All-in-One HR Platform package takes care of federal and state tax filings and payments for you, making processing payroll that much easier! Federal payroll tax forms. Payroll taxes and payments. State payroll tax forms. Payroll Tax

4 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Payroll System

Ultimate Software

From the top down, a payroll system can appear to be a fairly straightforward process. But that macro-level viewpoint often ignores the intricate nuances of how employees actually experience payroll on a daily basis. An employee’s paycheck is not just the product of a payroll process. We’ll be exploring this paradigm shift in more detail during our upcoming payroll webcast. But how can you know that it’s time to upgrade your payroll system? Payroll