Sun.Mar 31, 2024

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Be vocal. Be visible. Stand up for underrepresented people everywhere.


The compliance landscape is constantly changing, and depending on where you live—country, state, city, province—laws that offer marginalized and underrepresented people protection against discrimination can change overnight. For HR leaders, this isn’t just an issue of staying on top of the ever-changing compliance landscape. It means thinking about how you can ensure your employees feel safe, protected, and welcome at work, regardless of how they identify.

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Hire More Employed Candidates… By Raising Doubts About Their Current Job (The power of “doubt raising”)

Dr. John Sullivan

Employed candidates are gold but hard to sell unless you raise new doubts about their current job. Descriptors | Recruiting /Selling The Employed – Increasing Doubts – How To – 8 min Yes, Doubts Do Change Job Acceptance Decisions I hope that everyone realizes this. Among your currently employed candidates, doubts about both their current and your open job may literally be the most influential deciding factor in their final job choice.

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Netflix Is Rethinking Employee Freedom: Inward Strategic Consulting Insights

Inward Consulting

Netflix Is Rethinking Employee Freedom: Strategic Consulting Insights: Streaming Giant is Discussing a Revamp of its Memo on Corporate Culture In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate culture, Netflix has always stood out as a leader in innovation and disruption. For years, the streaming giant has been synonymous with its groundbreaking approach to employee freedom and responsibility.

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Startup Hiring 101: A Founder’s Guide. Part 11 - The initial sell conversation

Gem Blog

Learn key strategies for your first candidate sell conversation over coffee or call, including building rapport and qualifying fits. Perfect for founders.

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Automate Your Onboarding Process In 7 Steps

Efficient employee onboarding is more than a warm welcome—it's a catalyst for business growth. Automated onboarding transforms new hires into productive team members faster, fostering long-term satisfaction and talent retention. For HR, automation means replacing inefficient manual processes with streamlined, cost-effective operations. Our eBook reveals how automating employee onboarding delivers these benefits, reducing HR challenges and elevating new employee readiness.

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Interviewers: Stop Asking Multipart Questions

Linkedin Talent Blog

I’ve always loved Jon Stewart ’s comedy. Truly brilliant. But as a talk show host, he has an odd habit: When he interviews guests, he will often ask them two, three, or even four questions at once. “When did you finally decide to do that, and what inspired you in the first place? And did it end up being as great as you hoped, or were there parts that didn’t measure up?

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Pain-Free Is Key: Tips for Managing Underperforming Employees

HR Digest

Imagine a situation where you’re tasked with managing underperforming employees but you don’t want to scare them away by calling them out. So, you choose to avoid bringing it up directly. At first you let them be, assuming that things will improve later on. Nothing changes and you realize you might have to take action. You start monitoring their work more heavily and ask other workers to start helping the underperforming employee without making it obvious.